Two Arrested In Battery And Assault Case

Posted 2 years ago

By News Staff

Jesse Villa

Two people were taken to jail early Wednesday after a Burrton man reported being battered at a residence at 507 East F. And three women reported being threatened at the same location.

32-year-old Jesse Villa of 9 South Jackson was arrested in the 100 block of south Elm on a charge of aggravated battery, while 45-year-old Jeanne Bass of 305 East B, was arrested at the same location for three counts of aggravated assault.

The victim of the battery, 49-year-old Lawrence Butler was taken to Hutchinson Regional Medical Center for treatment of a head injury.

Villa is jailed on a 10-thousand dollar bond, while Bass is free. Villa had been discharged from the Kansas Department of Corrections back in August. He served time on drug charges, criminal possession of weapons, theft by deception, obstruction and no tax stamp for cases going back to 2003.

Look for both to be back in court in the near future once the state files formal charges.

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