Defendant Attacks District Attorney Keith Schroeder in Court

Posted 2 years ago

By News Staff

Sherman mug

An defendant who was being sentenced in a child molestation case attacked District Attorney Keith Schroeder this after in a Reno County Court room.

It happened around 2pm as 27 year old Michael W. Sherman was being sentenced in District Court Div 2 by Judge Buck Lyle.

Sherman was being sentenced on 1 count of Aggravated Criminal Sodomy on a child less than 14. Judge Lyle had just sentenced Sherman to 25 years to Life under Jessica’s Law. Sherman, with his attorney Kelly Driscoll, was standing at the defense table and Judge Lyle instructed them to sit down.

Reno Co Jail Deputy Lance Francis stepped away from Sherman so he could sit down at which time Sherman lunged 3 -5 feet, jumping on top of Schroeder who was sitting at the prosecution table. Sherman, who was restrained in leg irons and belly chain, was immediately subdued by Jailer Francis, Judge Lyle and KBI Agent Jeff Newsum who had been in Judge Tim Chambers Office and heard the commotion.
Schroeder received a slight abrasion to his forehead during the attack.
Sherman was taken back to the Reno Co Jail and reports will be sent to the Kansas Attorney Generals Office for charges.

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