Hutchinson Regional Declaring Emergent Stroke Readiness

Posted 2 years ago

By News Staff

Hutchinson Hospita 2l

The American Heart Association is applauding Hutchinson Regional Medical Center as being one of 46-Kansas hospitals to Declare Emergent Stroke Readiness

Stroke mortality rate is higher in rural Kansas than in urban community counterparts. This created a need for a statewide system of stroke care. Hutchinson Regional Medical Center recently jumped on board to become part of the solution.

Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, a member of the Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System in Hutchinson was one of those 46-hospitals that provided the necessary documentation to be named as Emergent Stroke Ready as part of the Kansas Initiative For Stroke Survival (KISS).

“Because stroke treatment must be initiated within a very short time frame, it is crucial that medical facilities, regardless of size, be prepared to evaluate and treat these patients, and if necessary, transfer them to a larger facility,” said Colleen Lechtenberg, M.D., a neurologist and chairperson of the Kansas State Stroke Task Force. “In Kansas, we are calling that readiness, Emergent Stroke Ready. Without these facilities, treatment options are greatly reduced.”

To date, there are currently 58 hospitals participating.

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