Former Bonding Agent Faces More Human Trafficking Charges

Posted 2 years ago

By News Staff

Dwight Jurgens

A former bonding agent scheduled for a preliminary hearing this week now faces two additional charges of aggravated human trafficking, that confirmed to us Monday afternoon by Deputy District Attorney Tom Stanton.

Dwight Jurgens was already charged with two counts of the same thing, two counts of attempting to commit aggravated human trafficking, rape and aggravated criminal sodomy. The human trafficking and aggravated counts are charged due to his authority of controlling persons because of his bonding business. He had worked for TNT Bonding at the time of the initial arrest.

Stanton wouldn’t comment on the reason for the additional counts, but may have to do with additional victims coming forward.

The preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for this Thursday and as it stand now, the hearing will go according to Stanton, however Jurgens attorney, Sam Kepfield can certainly request more time.

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