Three Arrested On Drug Charges After Early Morning Traffic Stop

Posted 2 years ago

By News Staff


Three people were taken into custody on numerous drug charges after a traffic stop in the 700 block of West 2nd early Tuesday morning.

Arrested on charges of two counts of distribution of drugs, criminal use of a weapons, possession of drug paraphernalia and no tax stamp was 28-year-old Jessica Whittier of Hutchinson. Also arrested for possession of K-2 or synthetic marijuana was 34-year-old Dominic Vargas. And Robert Vigil was arrested on two warrants, but also charged with possession of drugs.

The case starts when Sheriff Deputy Corey Graber stopped a white Camery at 2nd & Whiteside for failing to signal. When he made contact, he could see open containers of beer. Whittier who was driving told the deputy that she had rented the car and moved her stuff into it and that’s why the open case of beer was there.

The deputy discovered that Vigil who was in the back seat had two warrants for failing to appear and when taken out of the back seat, the deputy alleges he saw a bag of meth which he says weighed 11-grams. Whittier and Vargas then got out of the car so the deputy could collect the meth and the beer. He says he could then smell marijuana. He then found some oxycodone in Whittier’s purse and glass pipe with residue. He also found a back pack where he found more meth, about 90-grams, 34-grams of marijuana, nine types of different prescription pills, a loaded 9 mm handgun, brass knuckles, six different kinds of baggies, a digital scale, 5-cell phones, K-2 or synthetic marijuana, 683-dollars in cash and 5-gift cards.

Vargas had some K-2, and when booked into the jail had 954-dollars on him. He also found several books with owe sheets in them.

Whittier while in court managed to get her bond reduced from 107-thousand to 50-thousand dollars, while the bond for Vargas was reduced to 600-dollars, and Vigil’s bond stayed the same at 11-thousand dollars.

Whittier has served time for forgery for a case that goes back to 2003, while Vargas has a long criminal history including drug convictions, battery of law enforcement and obstruction.

Vargas also has another case pending where he’s charged charged with possession of meth, possession of marijuana, possession of hallucinogenic drug mushrooms and possession of drug paraphernalia. This case goes back to September of last year.

All three will be back in court on May 8.

9 Responses to “Three Arrested On Drug Charges After Early Morning Traffic Stop”

  1. freespeech says:

    Enough is enough all three of these losers are habitual violaters especially that lowlife scumbag vargas his name is in the paper every other week for drugs or something. He has never contributed anything good to this community. When is the legal system going to finally say this is it. With that much drugs, weapons, money and owe sheets that is a criminal enterprise and can be tried under the RICO statute and put away for life. I hope the prosecutor finally grows a set and does what every voter in this community wants bury these waste of space lowlife cowards once and for all.

    • me says:

      Since u seen to know every “scumbag” in town you must be one yourself freespeech. I wish someone would get rid of you! Get a life and dray out of everybodys business!

      • Coach says:

        Although everthing Free Speech says you may not agree with and i may not either i find it funny how anyone say stay out of peoples business when it’s in the news. Just a thought cause now it’s everyones business in town..

  2. Roger Walden says:

    Hey freespeach, dirty harry laws are real life arent the same thing. That said, i agree. All i see all over hutch is gang grafitti, juggalos, idiots, and vics patrons. when is enough going to be enough. The funny part is, i know a lot of convicted felons who are sick of it to! guys who did prison time, get back, and are frustrated because they see what happened when they left and came back. Now thats a scary thing. I guess the last thing we need is a bunch of pissed off convicts cleaning up the city, right….

  3. old skool says:

    I agree that if u do the crime u pay the time. I’ve been the guy who gets in trouble all the time. Im just glad it was only for stupid stuff like not paying tickets.I know all 3 of these people and I hate to see old friends fall to these levels. I haven’t been back to hutch in a few years but it seems that its going down the drain.

  4. not getting it says:

    Hutch is a drug hub . There is so many of the same people being arrested for drugs and theft. It’s sad. I hope the new jail will offer some rehibilitation for them. I’m praying it will

  5. G Star says:

    I agree with free speech!!! Get em!

  6. not getting it says:

    Call me what you want

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