Hutch Man Accused of Abuse of A Child Enters Plea To Aggravated Battery

Posted 2 years ago

By News Staff

Zachary Thompson 2

A 21-year-old Hutchinson man accused of “abuse of a child,” was in court Friday where he entered a “no contest” plea to amended charge of aggravated battery, a level 7 person felony.

Zachary Thompson was then sentenced by Judge Trish Rose to 29-months in prison concurrent to his other sentence. He had been accused of aggravated endangerment, but the state refiled the case with the amended charge of “abuse of a child.”

Thompson was convicted for abusing a 10-month old child. The state alleges that he took his anger out on the child because the child’s mother wouldn’t loan him money. The child sustained bruising on the buttocks, back, and legs. The alleged abuse occurring back on May 12, 2011.

In other cases, Thompson was convicted of attempted aggravated robbery, while the state dropped the second charge of aggravated assault. He was also convicted of aggravated battery for a case where he allegedly struck someone with a board.

He was given 36-months community corrections for the two cases back in November, of 2011 and ordered to serve 60-days in the county jail as part of the corrections assignment. But, the underlying sentence in those cases is 42-months and that sentence was apparently ordered served. But, the new sentence will run concurrent to that meaning he will only have to serve the 42-months.

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  1. This is the man who abused my child! Im happy he’s finally going to prison for it :)

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