Former Hutch Man In Court Friday On 2002 Drug Cases

Posted 2 years ago

By News Staff

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A former Hutchinson man who ran from the law after his lastest arrest for manufacturing of methamphetamine had apparently served time for crimes in Ohio during the period he has been Gone. He is back in Kansas and five of six cases against him were discussed in front of Judge Tim Chambers.

51-year-old Timothy Mills had been arrested on three occasions in 2002 for the manufacture of meth and other related charges. But, he was also arrested three other times that year and is also charged with possession of meth in two cases and theft in the third.

After he was arrested for manufacture of meth in May of 2002 and the state filed formal charges in 2003, he took off and had not been heard from till now.

The most recent case is pending a preliminary hearing in front of Judge Joe McCarville while the others have been awaiting trial in front of Judge Tim Chambers.

The most interesting thing about these casesis how low the bonds were set then. Now, if a person is arrested for the manufacture of meth, its a minimum of 50-thousand dollars for any bond in such a case. Back then, in all six cases against him, total bonds equaled 14-thousand, 500. The bonds in the three meth cases were only 35-hundred dollars each.

We’ll let you know how these six cases proceed through the courts.

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