Timothy Mendenhall Scheduled For Sentencing Friday

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff


The 27-year-old Hutchinson man who was on the run from law enforcement, then entered pleas to all of his cases cases is scheduled to be sentenced Friday by Judge Trish Rose.

Timothy Mendenhall entered either “guilty” or “no contest” pleas to virtually every charge in every case and is looking at a substantial amount of time in prison.

In one of the cases, he’s charged with 18-felony counts including sexual exploitation of a child, as well as numerous drug charges including being in possession of potpourri. That case was pending a jury trial. This is the case where they raided his smoke shop at 1108 West 4th, back on November 17, 2011.

In another case, he was facing charges of interference with law enforcement. He had just been arrested back on November 7, when officers spotted him at a home in the 900 block of East 10th. They attempted to apprehend him for warrants through Municipal Court and he attempted to escape them on a motorcycle apparently trying to go through a gate. But, Detective Jeremy Hedges was on the other side and he nearly ran him over. He was captured and taken to jail but again managed to make bond.

Another case has charges of possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, hydrocodone, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, felony interference with law enforcement and carrying a concealed weapon, in this case a fixed blade knife. However, the state dropped the cocaine charge because after testing, it was discovered that the substance was actually methamphetamine.

Other charges included felony flee and elude, and driving while suspended. The alleged crimes occurring back on February 8, of last year in South Hutchinson. This is where a South Hutchinson officer chased him into Hutchinson where he exited the Woody Seat Highway at Avenue F, then proceeded down Avenue F, but he eventually crashed into a pole in the 500 block of South Severance. He left the vehicle and was allegedly found under a pile of scrap metal.

The two sides will be able to argue disposition in the case, something the defendant wants the right to do, that’s why he didn’t enter into a plea agreement with the state. However, the state may seek the maximum and consecutive sentences.

Judge Trish Rose set a special setting for sentencing at the request for Deputy District Attorney Tom Stanton. He says because of the number of cases and the charges, it could take awhile. That again will be Friday afternoon.

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