Kansas Supreme Court Upholds Lesbian Mother’s Rights

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

Kansas Supreme Court

TOPEKA (AP) – The Kansas Supreme Court has ruled that the non-biological mother of children in a same-sex relationship can have the same parental rights as the biological mother.

The Kansas City Star reports Friday’s ruling involved two Johnson County women, Kelly Goudschaal and Marci Frazier, who separated after they become parents of two children. After the separation, Goudschaal moved with the children to Texas and limited Frazier’s visitations.

Frazier sought to enforce a parenting agreement each had signed. A Johnson County judge found that joint custody was “in the best interests of the children” and granted Frazier “reasonable parenting time.”

Goudschaal appealed, arguing that the parenting agreement was unenforceable.

The high court, however, said not enforcing the parenting agreement would deny the children the opportunity to have two parents.

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