District Court Cases Could Be Piling Up

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

Reno County Courthouse at night

Many of the items scheduled for District Court Friday had to be continued even though the Reno County Courthouse and the District Court were open.

But, the Public Defenders Office remained closed because most of the attorney’s employed in that office live out of town, a couple in Wichita, one in Lindsborg and one in Buhler. Even the one attorney who lives in the Hutchinson area was unable to make it because she couldn’t get out of her driveway.

That means a lot of cases have been put on hold and with the court also closed this past Monday and of course on Thursday because of the storm, that means a lot of cases will have to be made up in the coming weeks.

5 Responses to “District Court Cases Could Be Piling Up”

  1. No wonder says:

    No wonder they don’t care if they get people off or beg for lighter sentances, they don’t live in this community where their clients prey on us.

  2. Luann Wellborn says:

    This community is very lucky to have such a dedicated staff of attorneys at the Public Defender’s Office. The fact that a heavy snowfall, which kept most Reno County citizens in their homes, slowed cases for one day will mean these professionals will just work harder to do their jobs. Anyone who finds themselves in their clients’ position would be grateful to have these folks on their side.

  3. Resa says:

    Yet they had no problem evicting me out of the house I rent and into this storm just because the landlord wants the house back for his granddaughter to move into. I told my landlord I can’t pay rent til I move so that way I have money for a new deposit, rent, switch utilities over and hire people/movers to help me move… Therefore I was evicted… either way I would be homeless… If I pay rent then I don’t have money to move, if I don’t pay rent then I evicted a month earlier then planned…

    The storage places are snowed in and so I cant get stuff to storage…. I don’t do drugs/not an alcoholic, not on welfare (fact I work 3 jobs) and don’t have kids at home therefore I don’t qualify for special help or services…. So I get to join the statistics of the homeless…. Thank you Reno County Courts and the attorney representing the landlord for that….

  4. Doesntmatter says:

    They don’t give a damn as long as it doesn’t affect them negatively.. Maybe they wouldn’t have so many cases if cops and sheriffs werent bit picking.. All about thevpaper and they gotta screw over their own community to pay the worthless swine

  5. momoftlc says:

    They are so dedicated the women beaters get a slap on the wrist go Reno County

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