Suspect In Stabbing Case Makes First Appearance

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff


One of the men suspected in the stabbing of a Hutchinson man Monday night made a first appearance where he requested a reduction of his bond.

Jordon LeShore told Magistrate Judge Randy McEwen that he wanted it lowered so he could be with his kid. But, Senior Assistant District Attorney Steve Maxwell told the judge he thought the bond of 250-thousand was appropriate because of the savage nature of the attack. He says the victim in the case, Jeffrey Payne required major surgery and is still listed as critical in a Wichita hospital. He had been stabbed numerous times according to police sources.

Charges include attempted first degree murder for the stabbing of Payne, aggravated battery for the beating of Payne, aggravated burglary for breaking into Payne’s home and aggravated assault for threatening another victim, Alesia Dawson with a firearm.

He was assigned the Regional Public Defenders Office to represent him and his case will now be placed on a future waiver-status docket.

The other suspect arrested is Sean Arevalo who is charged with aggravated burglary, conspiracy to commit aggravated battery, and interference with law enforcement. He managed to post the bond of 16-thousand, 500-dollars. Although he was present when the attack occurred, he is not believed directly involved with the beating or stabbing. He will make a first appearance on February 26.

Police say the incident started at around 11:40 p-m when several people forced open the door at 633 East 4th in Hutchinson. Once inside Jeffrey Payne was physically attacked and stabbed. Payne was transported by private auto to the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center and later life watched to an undisclosed hospital where again he is still listed in critical condition.

Police are still looking for three other individuals, including 18-year-old Joseph Jay Leshore who stands around 6-foot 6-inches tall and weighs 340-lbs, 19-year-old Desmond Xavier Cantu who stands around 6 foot and weighs 160-lbs and 19-year-old Troy Lavon Bell. He stand approximately 5 foot 7 and weighs 150-lbs.

All three have active warrants for attempted 1st degree murder.

If you know the whereabouts of these two individuals, please call 911 or crime stoppers at 1-800-222-tips.

Please associate all tips in regards to this incident with case # 2013-3786.

11 Responses to “Suspect In Stabbing Case Makes First Appearance”

  1. Chuck says:

    Reduction of bond? You HAVE to be kidding!

    • Fred Gough says:

      Actually the reporting of the bond of over 500-thousand by officials was incorrect. It was always set at 250-thousand. The original amount of the bond mentioned in other stories came from a news release. That error has been corrected.

  2. Duh says:

    Oh now he wants to be with his kid? Too bad that wasn’t a thought before he did something so stupid! You’re a hardcore tough guy whose kid will be visiting you in the pen now.

  3. Parent says:

    Didn’t think about being with his kid at 11:40 pm at nite while inflecting pain on another, and all the kids in that household at the time of his actions. Should be no bond issued for the violence of his crime!!!

  4. Outsider says:

    Why did he not think about his child when he was running with the other punks. Keep him locked up and give me the key.

  5. Opinion says:

    The only word I can think of right now is Pathetic. He’s not going to see his son for a LOOOOONG time. If I was the mother of his son I wouldn’t want him around anyways. Your baby’s not even a month old.. Truly sad.

  6. Danielle says:

    This makes me laugh! You wanna use your kid as an excuse just to get outta jail. You wasn’t thinking about your kid when you stabbed Moo Moo! You wanna act like you care about children, you didn’t care about the 4 children who were in the house when you and your ‘friends’ came in there to stab another FRIEND! You didn’t care that you might be taking away a childs father! You deserve to rot in jail until your court date, and you deserve to rot in prison for the rest of your life!

  7. Really says:

    Where was your child on Monday evening. Jeffrey has a mother who cares about him. Put yourself in that parent place. Your child is better off without you.

  8. 5.0 says:

    Jeffery asked to get stabbed. When u go slap a mother u get what u deserve. To bad he had to learn respect the hard way

    • Oh No says:

      First off Jeffery wasnt the who slapped his mother. Regardeless if he did, they way they went about the whole thing was wrong. Sounds like you need to learn RESPECT.

  9. Outsider says:

    @5.0 if what you are telling me is true (which I don’t think it is) you are saying if your mom got slapped you are going to go over to that persons house with 5 people, a gun, and a knife? If you can’t do it on your own with no weapons then you need to stay one the front porch. You don’t sound as tough as you are making yourself out to be. 5 to 1 = PUNKS. Both of the LeShore boys are big enough to be able to handle it their selfs if that was the case

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