New figures Project Net Kansas Tax Cut

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff


TOPEKA (AP) – Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration projects that the revenue-raising measures he’s proposing this year to bolster the state budget won’t wipe out massive income tax cuts enacted last year.

Secretary Nick Jordan said Wednesday the new figures from the Department of Revenue show Kansans still will see a net decrease in taxes each of the next four years. The department’s figure for net tax relief is $392 million for the fiscal year beginning in July, with the projection growing to $528 million in the following fiscal year.

The department circulated the figures among lawmakers to counter arguments that Brownback’s plan this year represents a big tax increase. The department released its projections to The Associated Press before making them public.

Brownback wants to eliminate several big tax breaks.

One Response to “New figures Project Net Kansas Tax Cut”

  1. bluekansas says:

    Why rational Kansans and US citizens question Brownback new

    Brownback’s tax plan summarized:

    1. Extend the 6.3% statewide sales tax.
    2. Surrepticiously raise local property taxes.
    3. Give Kansas income tax breaks to “small” businesses like Koch industries while placing all of the income tax burden on the backs of W-2 wage earners.
    4. Eliminate the mortgage interest deduction.
    5. Eliminate the real estate tax deduction.
    6. Somehow use this plan to be viewed as a “tax reducer” to get re-elected in 2014 and move back to Washington DC before the plan implodes, bankrupting Kansas.

    Judicial Selection – the Merit Selection system has worked fine since 1959. Brownback wants to destroy the independence of the Judicial branch of government and appoint Kansas Justices and Judges with a rubber stamp approval by conservatives in the Kansas Senate.

    Throw a wrench in this plan. REBUKE the Brownback agenda and defeat him in 2014

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