County Sales Tax Collection Numbers Drop Some In February

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff


County sales tax numbers released Wednesday by County Treasure Clark Miller shows that the county collected more this month then last, but less then February of last year.

The numbers show the county collected 393-thousand, 656-dollars this month compared with 369-thousand 587-dollars in January. But, that amount is less then February of last year when the county collected over 397-thousand and February of 2011 when they collected 394-thousand, 250-dollars.

These numbers represent sales for the Christmas shopping month of December.

But, the county is still a little ahead of last year over-all by just over 20-thousand dollars. So far this year, the county has collected to 763-thousand, 243-dollars compared to 742-thousand, 992-dollars at this same time last year.

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