Saline County Sheriff: Human Error Leads To Jail Escape Monday Afternoon

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

Saline County Jail-Door

From the Salina Post

Saline County Sheriff Glen Kochanowski said it was human error that led to the escape of a 29-year-old man who was being brought back to the Saline County Jail before he was to be sentenced Tuesday for killing a 14-month-old boy in October of 2011.

Antonio Brown was in a holding cell with two other inmates late Monday afternoon, when he was able to open the door to the cell, slipped into a garage area where law enforcement vehicles bring inmates to the jail, and was able to get to the outside when a vehicle was leaving.

Kochanowski said that Brown left out the east side garage door and then went northbound from the jail.

The Sheriff said that Brown may have been gone for about 10 minutes before he was noticed missing.

Kochanowski said Brown was put in the holding cell after being brought in from the Mitchell County Jail where he had been housed most of the time since his arrest.

The Sheriff said because of the nature of the charges against Brown, he was moved from Saline County for safety reasons.

Handcuffs and shackles that Brown was wearing were taken off once he was put in the holding cell, that is also used to watch inmates who are on suicide watch.

Kochanowski said the booking area of the jail was busy Monday afternoon with inmates coming back from court.

The Sheriff said that Brown should be considered extremely dangerous, and the search around the Salina area continued Tuesday as well as other parts of the state.

This is the third escape from the Saline County Jail since it opened in April of 1995. There was an escape in 1995, with the second in 1997.

The KBI, Kansas Highway Patrol, The U.S. Marshal’s Office and several area law enforcement agencies are assisting in finding Brown who will face aggravated escape from custody charges when captured.

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