Partridge Man Gets Additional 12-months Added To Already Lengthy Sentence

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

Brady Sult 3

A 32-year-old Partridge man convicted of a number of charges in a drug case from the summer of 2010 and was sentenced to 148-months in prison for the ten felony and misdemeanor counts can add another 12-months to his sentence.

That was the sentence Friday for Brady Sult for battery of a law enforcement officer and aggravated escape from custody. Judge Chambers gave him the mitigating sentence stating that he knows that he didn’t intend to strike the officer in the nose, that it happened as he was attempting escape the courtroom. He also noted that Sult didn’t actually make it out of the courtroom. Judge Chambers also knows he thought he would a jail sanction for the community corrections violation as opposed to being sent to prison. But, he told Sult, you still have to pay a penalty, thus the additional 12-months. This occurring on June 22, 2012

Judge Joe McCarville had granted Sult 36-months community corrections in the drug case, but then he violated his corrections and the judge ordered him to prison.

Sult had been convicted of attempted manufacture of methamphetamine, possession of effedrine, lithium metal, and possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to manufacture. Other charges included four counts of aggravated endangerment of a child, battery-domestic violence, and criminal threat, but the state as part of a plea agreement changed the first count to conspiracy to manufacture meth.

The case starts with sheriff deputies being called to the home in the 5300 block of Riverton Road on a battery case, with the mother worried about her kids, and she took the deputies around the property looking for her kids and they discovered the alleged meth lab inside a shed near the main house.

During that time, Sult reportedly arrived back at the property with the kids. Apparently, the two had some type of argument and she was battered, he then left with the kids, but then returned.

All this occurring back on June 10, 2010.

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