Jail Study Committee Wants Comprehensive Approach For New Jail Proposal

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

Jail meeting

The Reno County Jail Study Committee meeting Tuesday night agreed to recommend to the County Commission that the comprehensive plan involving a new county jail be approved.

That not only includes a new jail, but also moving some non-judicial county departments to the jail annex, renovating the current jail to allow more space for the Hutchinson Police Department and the Reno County Sheriff’s Office including more space to store evidence, holding cells, and additional offices.

The cost for renovation of the current jail back in December was estimated at 427-thousand dollars with the most expensive part would be $208,800 for the mechanical system needed to properly vent the evidence space. But, the total cost now, adding in inflation is up to just under 470-thousand dollars.

The total cost of everything comes to around 28-million, 865-thousand, 134-dollars. The jail committee is recommending that the county try to convince county voters of a bond issue right at 29-million. It appears this would still enable the half cent sales tax to be paid off and the tax would sunset in 10-years or less.

All three commissioners were at Tuesday nights meeting and seem on board with the plan.

The telephone survey of 400 county residents shows that at least 58% of those surveyed said they would be very likely or at least somewhat likely to support additional funding for projects being proposed.

County Officials plan to meet with various groups in the near future to promote the proposal and plans also call for a town hall meeting at some point, prior to the April election. That would give residents opportunity to ask questions or address concerns about the proposal.

3 responses to “Jail Study Committee Wants Comprehensive Approach For New Jail Proposal”

  1. VoteNoAgain says:

    I could swear we’ve voted no on this before. Hutchinson keeps losing businesses. I just don’t think the County folks can afford to build a new jail I scanned through the list of jail inhabitants and see a lot of people there for simple drug possession. Unless they are charged with trafficing, theft or something where they are hurting someone but themselves – maybe they should be let loose to make room for more violent criminals and property thieves. I think I’ll vote no just like last time.

    • jt says:

      Keeping drug offenders off the streets is just as important as any other crime. Alot of the crimes in reno county are committed with some type of drugs in the background. Drugs beung the root of most crimes gives good reason to hold any drug offender no matter the magnitude. Also, a new jail is needed for the safety of officers and inmates as well as overcrowding. With more serious offenders going through there more often the current jail is a very dangerous place. Officer safety is put on the line more than it should be. Lastly, I am going to try and defeat this issue before it is brought up. A person might argue that the sheriff department just wants nicer and newer things. Thats not the case. They are striving for better safety of the officers that have sworn to protect and serve inside the jail. Think about them and what they are going. Think about who is really at stake. You, me, the sheriff. No! Its the men and women who spend twelve hours a shift in the current crap hole that is calldd the Reno County Jail.

  2. sherrie says:

    why dont the build a new jail across the street from the health center and bob johnsons. behind the court house.it the building plow that building down the old weststar energy slash old doctor office building and add a tunnel under the road to the court house for tranporting the jail birds to and from the court house. that building hasnt been used in years. it close to the court house. i think it the perfect location. the hospital has a tunnel from the hospital to dillons living center. they could do the same thing to the court house to a new jail. just a idea. :)

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