Report of Shots Fired Cause Law Enforcement To Take No Chances

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

Shots Fired 3

Police prepare to enter a home on 17th, (right in picture) just west of Plum after a report of shots fired being reported from the blue house in the photo.

It turned out to not be as big a deal as it would appear. According to Police Captain Troy Hoovers, a male individual went into the Kwik Shop at 17th & Plum and told the clerks that he had been shot at inside a home down the street at 409 East 17th.

The clerk then called 911 and led to police, sheriff and highway patrol officers all responding to the scene. Both 16th & 17th were both closed to traffic while law enforcement made sure there was no shooter inside the home and that anyone was being held against their will.

At one point four officers did enter the home but didn’t find anyone. Hoover telling us that at this point there is nothing to indicate that there were any shots fire, but added the investigation is continuing.

There was one individual arrested at the scene, but doesn’t appear his arrest was in relation to this incident, but possibly for some warrant, according to Hoover.

Police had the road blocked while they investigated the incident and caused a traffic back up, considering 17th Street is a main east-west route across the city.

Shots Fired 2


Reno County Sheriff Deputy turns to see what is occurring at the home. He was carrying a rifle in case. If you look closely, you can see the barrel.


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