Dr. Randle Speaks At King Day Celebration In Hutchinson

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

Dr. Marche Fleming Randle 2

The keynote Speaking at the Dr. Martin Luther King event Monday was Dr. Marche Fleming Randle who is an Assistant Dean at Wichita State University. She teaches courses on Dr. King covering all aspects of his life.

She started her talk with the group at the Macedonia Baptist Church by having everyone get up and shake hands with someone in the church thanking them for being there, which everyone did.

She also wanted the audience to remember three things as they go through life and remember Dr. King. She called them the three C’s. They were “contemplate, commemorate, and celebrate.”

She says her parents in Alabama were civil rights activists, so she knows what its like to be in that life in the south in those days. She says one thing she learned during that struggle was the education isn’t an option, its a necessity.

She also spoke briefly about the tragedy in Connecticut, saying we have to protect our children, but avoided getting into the gun debate.

She also asked the crowd, “what have you done for Dr. King lately?” What she meant is what was the theme for this years events, “what are you doing for others?” She says the time is always right to do something for others.

This being the celebration of the legacy of Dr. King, but also the inauguration of the first African-American President who just won a second term. We asked her after the event this afternoon, her thoughts on Monday. She told us, “it’s a great feeling and I’m going to support our President, this is his second term and I’m going to wish him the best.

She spoke a lot about young people and also what we should be doing for each other, but also to honor Dr. King’s legacy. We asked her what she would say to young people in light of these events honoring Dr. King, but also the inauguration of President Obama. She says she would tell them, “take note on both, with technology today, you can catch what you miss about Dr. King and then about the inauguration.” She says she wants them to pay attention to what’s going on in America because we have to.

She also told the crowd to love thy neighbor, talk to people and volunteer to help others anyway you can.

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