Murder Suspect Billy Craig Jr., In Court For Contempt

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

Billy Craig Jr. 4

Billy Craig Jr. 3

While Judge Tim Chambers has yet to decide if the murder trial for a Hutchinson man should be moved out of county, the defendant in that case, Billy Craig Jr., was in court Friday morning on another matter and in front of a different judge.

Craig was before Judge Trish Rose after being found in contempt of court for refusing to testify in the Charles Logsdon murder trial. Logsdon is the co-defendant in the case involving the death of Jennifer Heckel.

The complaint over the contempt of court allegation was read to Craig and states that on or about November 6th or 7th, he failed to comply with the order of Judge Rose that he testify at the Logsdon trial.

There was also the question of his lawyer in the case. Craig was apparently assigned Greg Meredith as his counsel in this matter. But, Craig complains that Meredith served as the treasure for the re-election campaign of District Attorney Keith Schroeder. So, he may be granted a new attorney, but Judge Rose didn’t assign anyone just yet stating she wanted to make sure there were no conflicts. She will also set a hearing in the contempt case at some future point.

Craig’s Attorney in the murder case, Greg Bell was granted permission to do a study over advance publicity of the case. The study is being done by two professors from Pittsburg State University. Bell is hoping the study will prove his theory that Craig can not get a fair trial in Reno County. The defense claims that the media coverage of the murder and the Logsdon trial makes it impossible for Craig to get a fair trial.

Craig is charged for being involved in the murder of Jennifer Heckel on June 14, 2011. He’s alleged to have been involved with Logsdon and went to the home of Heckel and killed her while her young son was in the next room.

That case is still pending.

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