Kansas Considering New Red Card For Food Stamps

Posted 2 years ago

By Fred Gough


Red Card

TOPEKA (AP) – Kansas officials are considering replacing the current benefits card for residents who get food stamps with a bright red card.

The current Vision cards have an artistic impression of a sunflower, while a prototype of the new card is red with the “Kansas Benefits Card” label.

The Kansas Department of Children and Families says the existing card would be replaced because the agency has a new vendor.

The Vision cards were introduced in the 1990s to allow food stamp recipients to use a plastic card to buy food at stores and for people who get temporary cash assistance.

Tawny Stottlemire, of the Kansas Association of County Action Programs, says the proposed redesign could return Kansas to an era when public assistance recipients were unnecessarily stigmatized.

  • 2 cents

    As if being poor isn’t sufficiently humiliating—punish the poor with a highly visible Scarlet Card—socially sanctioned bullying!

  • 2 cent less

    possible that a company can create a credit card cover!? This is horrible. Its not like people don’t judge welfare recipients thru social media enough. Now they get a shame card reminding them that kansas hates them.

  • get a life

    look….get a damn job, and quit complaining about the “color” of the card you get. Your getting free food!!! Oh, and Kansas hates you?, but we put food in your house. Get over yourselves. I work 2 jobs to keep food in my house, and don’t expect “kansas” to do it for me! Smh

  • cmon

    they are getting free food/money from taxpayers? what is wrong about us knowing who is getting it? get off welfare if you are humiliated by it

  • mel

    I think it should play the tune when you get a winning lottery ticket! “I’m in the money, I’m in the money”

  • http://Hutchpost Boa

    My Bank of America debit card is bright red, what is the big deal? Don’t like it, get a job and pick out your own card.