Convicted Murderer Aaron Alvarez Sentenced To 15 And Half Years In Prison

Posted 3 years ago

By Fred Gough

A 21-year-old Tulsa man who was living in Hutchinson at the time of the crime and found guilty of 2nd degree intentional murder was sentenced to 15 and half years in prison Friday afternoon in front of Judge Tim Chambers.

Aaron Alvarez was found guilty for the stabbing death of 23-year-old Allen Frank on November 24, 2011. The two got into an altercation after Alvarez may have accidentally struck Frank’s girlfriend. The two then argued and Alvarez stabbed Frank in the stomach which caused internal bleeding into his abdomen. He also had a severe slash in his neck as well.

The family of the victim spoke during the emotional hearing and with the father of the victim speaking first stating that he wanted as much justice as possible. No doubt that if the law would have allowed, he would have pushed for the death penalty.

The mother of the victim sobbed through her whole statement and stated the the defendant has showed no remorse and says what he did changed their lives forever. She called the murder an “intentional, senseless act.” She says the last conversation she had with her son, they both told each other “I love you.”

The sister of the victim also asked for the maximum saying that they have been given a life sentence they didn’t ask for.

Special Prosecutor Kevin O’Connor sought the maximum allowed under sentencing guidelines calling the crime senseless and stated that the defendant showed a total disregard for human life, ran and hid, and when finally caught by police, was combative and disrespectful.

Defense Attorney Sarah Sweet-McKinnon asked for a durational departure citing the defendants age and immaturity and that fact that she believes the victim was a participant in the events that night, saying they had all been out drinking. She told the judge that the victim followed the defendant into his apartment uninvited, and that the victim bragged that he was a “Golden Gloves” boxer.

The judge was unimpressed with that argument stating the he heard the evidence in the case and believes the jury reached the correct verdict, also calling it an intentional act. He also told the defendant that the attack was unprovoked and says the wound to the stomach was so severe that it reached the victims spine. The slash to the victims neck was also close to being a fatal wound according to the judge.

He denied the motion for a departure and sentenced the defendant to the maximum allowed under the guidelines for someone with criminal history other then some traffic offenses.

Alvarez was also ordered to pay restitution which the state says comes to over 6-thousand, 127-dollars.

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  1. Jeffo says:

    My heart goes out to this family that lost a loved one. I can’t imagine what you guys are going through. He should have gotten life in prison

  2. Ariealla says:

    It’s a tragedy that a life was taken and that another will have to consciously live with the memory, guilt and regrets. Prayers sent to Aaron and family and to the victims family. Stay strong Aaron, I’m here for you! <3

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