Study To Be Done In Murder Case Against Billy Craig Jr.

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

While Judge Tim Chambers took every issue presented by the defense in the case against Billy Craig Jr., under advisement earlier this month as well allowing the trial to be continued, he is also allowing a defense request for a study to be done.

Craig’s Attorney, Greg Bell wants the study done over publicity of the case. The study is expected to be done by two professors from Pittsburg State University. Bell is hoping the study will prove his theory that Craig can not get a fair trial in Reno County.

Meanwhile, Judge Tim Chambers is still sifting through the exhibits presented by the Hutch News and Eagle Communications over stories done on the murder case and the Charles Logsdon trial. The judge at some point is expected to issue his written opinion on whether the case should be moved out of Reno County. The defense claims that the media coverage of the murder and the Logsdon trial makes it impossible for Craig to get a fair trial.

Craig is charged for being involved in the murder of Jennifer Heckel on June 14, of last year. He’s alleged to have been involved with Logsdon and went to the home of Heckel and killed her while her young son was in the next room.

Craig is also facing a charge of contempt of court when he refused to testify in the Logsdon trial. No action has been taken on that charge thus far by Judge Trish Rose.

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  1. 2 cents says:

    Craig seems to be getting far superior defense counsel than did Logsdon. It is obvious to this observer that Billy Craig Jr. cannot possibly get a fair trial in Reno County. The trial of Charles Logsdon was a sham and an insult to discriminating thinkers.

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