Hearing For Hutch Man Charged With Attempted Robbery And Burglary In Recess

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

The preliminary hearing for a 31-year-old Hutchinson man arrested back on May 25th, after he allegedly entered a Hutchinson woman’s home and attempted to take the keys to her vehicle is in recess until after the first of the year.

Joshua Bourell is jailed on a 100-thousand dollar bond on charges of attempted aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, criminal threat, and three counts of auto burglary.

Police say Bourell was walking down West B street, allegedly trying to break into vehicles and in some cases succeeding, then asking people for their keys, all of which turned him down, so he allegedly entered a home in the 600 block of West B and tried to get a woman’s keys by force, and possibly other items. The woman had two small children in the home at the time. A neighbor apparently observing him knew he shouldn’t be there and confronted him. He was held until police could arrive. He was apparently telling people he needed to get out of town.

Testimony which was heard Tuesday indicated that he did take things such as money, a catholic rosary necklace and a screw driver. However, he threw the screw driver down at one point. He refused to give officers his name when they arrived, but did apparently tell someone at one point that he was “Jesus Christ.”

Bourell had been granted a mental evaluation at Horizon’s Mental Health Center and had been found competent for the case to continue.

The preliminary hearing will pick up again on January 3, at 9:30 a-m.

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