Hutch Woman Arrested On Multiple Drug Charges Enters Plea Thursday

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

A Hutchinson woman arrested on drug charges after she was allegedly caught shoplifting wasin court this morning for a preliminary hearing, but entered pleas to all the charges instead.

Nicole McGinnis entered pleas to possession of meth with intent, possession of cocaine, marijuana, Hydrocodone and Oxycodine, drug paraphernalia, no tax stamp and misdemeanor theft.

The case starts with the report by an employee at the Dillon’s store at 206 West 5th about a black female leaving the business without paying for merchandise. Police were able to locate McGinnis and arrested her for the shoplifting, but then discovered she had what police consider a sellers quantity of methamphetamine and other drugs.

She does have another conviction involving drugs and had qualified for drug treatment, but apparently no bed is available thus far. So they want to move the sentencing is this case up so maybe they can find her a bed for treatment.

However, the state will be asking for consecutive sentencing and then the maximum on all counts which would come to around 86-months. Sentencing is set for November 30.

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