Attorney General Appeals Overturning Of Death Penalty Case To The U.S. Supreme Court

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

Scott Cheever

TOPEKA – Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has formally appealed the Kansas Supreme Court’s decision that overturned the conviction and death sentence imposed in connection with the murder of a Kansas sheriff.

In 2007, a Greenwood County jury found Scott Cheever guilty of capital murder for the 2005 killing of Sheriff Matt Samuels and recommended the death penalty be imposed. In August, the Kansas Supreme Court overturned the conviction, citing constitutional violations, and ordered a new trial in the case. Schmidt announced in September his intention to appeal the Kansas Supreme Court’s decision, and yesterday he formally asked the United States Supreme Court to consider the matter.

The petition asking for U.S. Supreme Court review can be viewed at

2 Responses to “Attorney General Appeals Overturning Of Death Penalty Case To The U.S. Supreme Court”

  1. Who cares says:

    Okay this piece of trash has tear drops tattooed on his face which in prison is bragging about what you did. Screw him fry him and let him rot. He wants everybody to feel sorry for him because he had a drug problem. This earth would have been a better place if he would have killed himself too.

  2. Dustin says:

    ignorant ppl to have his sentenced to death, long process, could take years, want to get rid of him, send him to a violent maximum security prison, let the inmates do the job for ya. Less time and money

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