UPDATE: Investigation At Hutch Prison Indicates Three Inmates Attempt To Hang Themselves

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

At approximately 2:43 p-m, on Tuesday, a medical emergency was called in the Administrative Segregation Unit at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility. Four inmates were removed from their cells by Correctional Officers due to unknown medical issues.

The investigation into the cause of the medical emergency is continuing. At this time it has been determined that three inmates attempted to hang themselves simultaneously. The inmates were found by a Corrections Officer who was making rounds in the unit. This officer called the medical emergency and additional staff arrived and removed the inmates from their cells. The inmates were taken to the HCF Clinic for treatment. A fourth inmate was taken to the clinic after complaining of chest pains and was released from the HCF Clinic and returned to the unit after he was evaluated.

Two of the inmates were taken to a Wichita hospital due to their injuries. One inmate went by air ambulance and the other by ground ambulance. It is expected that one of the inmates will be released from the hospital today and returned to HCF. The other inmate remains in the hospital.

The investigation continues into the cause of why the inmates were trying to hang themselves simultaneously.

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