UPDATE: Testimony In The Charles Christopher Logsdon Murder Trial Continues

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

Kasey Pisoni testifies Tuesday in Charles Christopher Logsdon Trial

(Pool Photos from Sandra Milburn – Hutch News)

The murder trial for Charles Christopher Logsdon went into recess early Tuesday when the state ran out of witnesses but also wanted time to redact video and audio from interviews police did with witnesses that were on the stand Tuesday. These witnesses knew both Logsdon and co-defendant Billy Craig Jr. But, most were less the cooperative and seem to back away from statements made to police. So the state may play the interviews for the jury.

On individual who refused to testify was found in contempt of court and taken to jail until he agrees to take the stand. Bryce Noyes was in court Tuesday afternoon with his attorney Rick Roberts.

He was scheduled to testify on Wednesday, but because the state is running so far ahead with their case, he was called to testify on Tuesday.

His attorney told the judge that his client wants a new attorney and didn’t want to testify because of fear that something might happen to his family. The judge denied his request for a new attorney and warned him that he could be found in contempt if he refused to take the stand. He then proceeded to the witness chair. All this taking place outside the presence of the jury. While waiting for the jury to come back to the courtroom, Noyes was heard to say, “I can not do this.” Judge Trish Rose then asked him if he was now refusing to testify and he told her “yes.” The state then requested that he be found in contempt. The judge granted that request and he was taken to jail. He may be brought back to the courtroom Wednesday to see if he’ll reconsider.

Others on the stand included Robert Leonard Hill who is awaiting trial on charges of aggravated assault, interference with law enforcement, felony flee and elude and driving while suspended charges.

KBI Agent Jeff Newsum was also on the stand briefly where he told of the interview with Robert Hill. He says Hill told him of a planned “grab and go” type robbery where they would lure Rodriquez supposedly to Craig’s house then rob her.

Kasey Pisoni was on the stand Tuesday morning and says she is the girlfriend of Billy Craig. She told of a meeting between the two defendants over a possible robbery and that she urged Craig to not be involved.

She also told of a conversation where Kylie Hartman allegedly told her that Chris killed Jennifer Heckel. The defense countered that with asking Pisoni whether she had any independent knowledge of the murder and she stated “no.”

Also on the stand Tuesday morning was Karrisa Tipton who was friends with Logsdon. She was even more reluctant to take the stand and was called by the state over conversations she apparently had with the defendant after he was arrested for the murder. She told the jury that Logsdon would call her from jail as much as twice a week. In one conversation, she told the jury that Logsdon wanted to know what people were saying?

The state attempted to get her admit some of things that were discussed by the two, but she wouldn’t answer. Senior Assistant District Attorney Steve Maxwell was called for leading the witness several times because of her unwilling to the answer the questions, even though they were recorded at the jail.

She was also asked about conversations over plans to rob Kayla Rodriquez and she was reluctant to answer but did admit that everyone knew she had drugs. She talked about more of plan to produce counterfeit money and pay her with that for drugs, saying she wouldn’t know it was counterfeit until after the fact.

She also told of hearing on the scanner about the murder of Jennifer Heckel and immediately going to Billy Craig’s home, but that he wasn’t there.

Logsdon and Craig are both charged with the murder of Jennifer Heckel which occurred on June 14, 2011, but the intended victim was Rodriquez.

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