UPDATE: Second Man Injured In Fatal Crash Identified

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

We now know the name of the third man injured in a one vehicle accident that claimed the life of a 37-year-old Hutchinson man. But the name is about all we know. He was identified as Marlin Brown. He along with 31-year-old Keith Massey of Kansas City was both critically injured in the crash and both flown to a Wichita hospital. Brown apparently had no I-D in him when police arrived at the scene.

Killed was Courtney Morgan after the crash at 1st & Hendricks and the vehicle rolled several times. He was taken by EMS to Hutchinson Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Police says around 9:30 p-m Friday night, a police officer on routine patrol in the 100 block of West 1st, observed a white KIA Sorrento traveling west bound at a high rate of speed. The officer turned in behind the vehicle and tried to catch up, but quickly lost the vehicle after it blacked out.

As the officer continued to check the area for the vehicle, dispatch was advised by a citizen of an injury accident at 1st & Hendricks. Upon officers arrival at that location, they discovered that the vehicle that they were looking for had failed to negotiate a curve in the roadway colliding with a short concrete structure and then rolling several times into a field west of that intersection.

23 Responses to “UPDATE: Second Man Injured In Fatal Crash Identified”

  1. Sarah Conquest says:

    we love u C-Mo!!!!!

  2. Karma says:

    The guy who died stole $1600 dollars from my friend. Karma will always come back to get you.

    • 5.0 says:

      Maybe your friend needs to get off cocaine and then she might not get hacked for $1600

    • Who cares says:

      Well he won’t be doing it again.

    • cs says:

      Who cares about your friend and 1600 dollars how about you think of the kids that will hurt everyday because they won’t be able to see their dad again. I think that’s more important. you should really put your name so we know who you are

  3. Seriously says:

    Then your friend must be a drug dealer and that my friend is also karma. My heart goes out to Cmo and his family as well as to Keith and his.

  4. GROW UP says:


    • Please says:

      He was far from a good man. He was with a women he repeatedly cheated on and fathered 5 children only 2 hers. He was a shady drug dealer and always has been. He never tried to better himself and he died being as selfish as he has always been. The ones you should fell anything for are his women who have been mentally abused and taken advantage off for years and his children who will never have a father. His “girlfriend” is better off without him. Though it hurts like hell now she will soon realize this. One less thug! May God be with him! I hope he repented his many sins before he went or God is is one being your Cmo will never have the pleasure of meeting! Be real not naive!

  5. Nate Williams says:

    That man you speak of was my brother get ya self in check before you run your mouth and show respect cause I know you won’t leave me your info and let’s talk face to face that’s words from big Nate c mo my right hand love you dawg

  6. tex k says:

    My heart goes out to c mo…another cool person who’s life ended way too soon..rip

  7. Who cares says:

    Really you guys are using this to post the rights of drug dealers and drug victims, grow up and get a life. Welcome to Hutchinson. Geez

  8. Nate Williams says:

    Look up the word karma then repost the meaning then try to sound educated dummy

  9. Missy Page says:

    Some of you people are just ignorant!!!! No one is perfect and yes he had his flaws but we all do. There are now 5 children missing there daddy two of whom happen to be mine. He had a job and was and has always tried to do everything he could for his kids. And how dare you speak on his girlfriends behalf. No one deserves to loose a loved one. So as i pay for all of those who are hurting from this devastating lose in our lives i pray for you too. We love you Courtney/daddy may you RIL!!!!

  10. Raquel Castor says:

    i can not believe the audacity of people to use this as a way to talk mess on someone who has lost their life. are all of you who are running your mouths SAINTS and living the PERFECT life that you can fix your mouth to even speak? we are all lucky that our GOD is a FORGIVING one, and best believe Courtney has been forgiven all his sins and is now in the heavens above. no one on this earth is perfect, take a look in the mirror and really think on that. notice i put my name on this, i dont give a F what ya think or say about me, courtney was a good friend to me for 16 plus years, and i got mad love for him. may he REST IN PEACE. if you dont have anything positive to say, dont say anything at all…. didnt your momma teach you anything???? hutch post ought to be ashamed allowing this mess to be posted, i wont be back reading this trash.

  11. Kanesha says:

    Everybody makes mistakes we live and we learn but no one deserves to die so with all you negative comments your a**es will rot in hell too. RIP COURTNEY MY MAN Ive known you 17 years and your a great person and did not deserve to go so soon. Sending love and prayers to your family and the rest of my hutch fam

  12. Kanesha says:

    @ PLEASE It’s her own fault she was mentally abused and misused she could of left long time ago and choose to stay, so she allowed herself not his fault. No one is perfect and neither are you!!

  13. joy says:

    my best friend is courtneys mom and all i know is that she has lost her oldest child/son way too soon. all the other stuff is irrevalant. a brother lost his older brother and a sis lost her oldest bro. and we will miss him terribly but know he is safe in God’s hands. RIL

  14. Kanesha says:


  15. cs says:

    All of the people talking crazy, can go to he’ll. we love ya Courtney rest in peace bro let me find out whose talkin smack they won’t do it again!!!

  16. J says:

    He was an amazing person. Anybody who is talking crap obviously doesn’t know him. He was funny I worked with him and hung out with him outside of work. He knew he wasn’t the perfect person. He told me many times to never get into drugs or anything like that. It wasn’t the way to live. And for those who say he didn’t love his kids, they’re wrong. He always talked about his kids to me. Why can’t people remember him for the many good things about him and not the few faults he had. Everybody has faults. Rest in paradise courtney.

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