Charles Christopher Logsdon Murder Trial Continues Monday

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

KBI Special Agent Corey Latham

(Pool Photos by Sandra Milburn ~ Hutch News)

The murder trial for Charles Christopher Logsdon will resume Monday in front of Judge Trish Rose in Reno County District Court.

Testimony Friday included testimony over the police investigation where officials cleared the Heckel family and then began looking at other possible suspects. It was about 2 weeks after the murder when they decided they would need to expand the search for a killer. Officials admit they still didn’t have a motive at that point.

As we have told you earlier, co-defendant Billy Craig opened the investigation to a much wider scope when he told Detective Dean Harcrow that he heard the victim had been shot in the head.

He also testified about his initial contact with Charles Christopher Logsdon and how Logsdon denied in involvement in the murder. He claimed he was in Houston, Texas, when in fact he was in Hastings, Nebraska. The state played the audio of that conversation.

Harcrow also testified over a cell phone text from Logsdon to Craig over the murder, when Logsdon questioned Craig about statements he was making about the murder and stated. “You better talk to me.”

Detective Tyson Myers was on the stand late Friday afternoon discussing text messages that were found on Logsdon’s phone that implicated him.

Earlier in the day, KBI Agent Corey Latham who’s the team leader for the KBI Crime Scene Response Team took the stand.

Latham testified about various pictures of the crime scene and the surrounding area. He showed the pictures to the jury through a CD presentation that he prepared for the state showing both the inside and the outside of the home. There were pictures of the victims body, but also some of her clothing showing the markings because of the bullet wounds. He testified that the shooter was very close to the victim when she was shot based on the markings on her clothing.

Also on the stand earlier Friday was the son of the victim who basically gave the same information with his testimony of what he saw and heard the night of the murder. The boy heard his mother screaming as the man came in. He then heard 4 loud booms and noticed that his mother was not breating. He stated that he thought they were gunshots. The boy says he hid and didn’t want the man to see him because he might do something to him.

Logsdon along with co-defendant Billy Craig, Jr., are charged for the killing of Jennifer Heckel on June 14, 2011. Other charges include conspiracy to commit first degree murder, conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Logsdon is also charged with aggravated intimidation of a witness for allegedly threatening another inmate, Matthew Mounce. He apparently made comments to Mounce about the case and allegedly threatened him over any testimony he might give.

The two are alleged to have gone to a northwest Hutchinson home and shot Heckel while her son was in the home. The state calls it a case of mistaken identity. The state alleges they intended to rob Kayla Elizabeth Salyer-Rodriquez of her drugs, but went to Heckel’s home by mistake and when she didn’t have any drugs, she was killed. Logsdon is alleged to have been the actual shooter.

Again the trial resumes on Monday.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    My heart felt prayers go out to the Heckel family. May God give you strength during this.

  2. Who cares says:

    Logsden is a coward and a punk always has been what kind of lowlife scumbag shoots a woman he doesn’t even know? You wanted to live like a gangsta now you got it, enjoy the rest of your life behind bars you piece of trash. I guess the thug life isn’t so glamorous is it? I hope those two pieces of trash that helped you Craig and Casanova die with you. That whole crew will never amount to anything in life ever just do the world a favor and kill that entire bunch atleast hutch would be a little better place.

    • Wow says:

      You got nerve TRASH MAN……

      • think before bashing says:

        As horrible as what happened is the men involved have children. Children old enough to realize their fathers did something terrible. But they are still losing their dads. Hearing an seeing bashing like this isn’t easy for them.

      • Who cares says:

        Let me guess you want to tell everyone how sweet he is or how he had a messed up childhood and should be forgiven, sure I will forgive him when he is dead. Screw him and you

  3. Why says:

    Why is it that anything in the defense of LOGSDON or in support of him is not allowed only the negative crap? Just curious.

    • Fred Gough says:

      The state is presenting their case. Once they finish, it will then be the defenses turn and you may hear some positive information about him then.

    • duh says:

      Because he killed an innocent woman. I have known him for years he is nothing but a woman beating criminal who only cares about himself. I was never friends with him he was a good friend of a family member of mine i really dont care for either he should be locked away in solitary confinement for life. Death would be too easy

  4. jenealle says:

    I Pray for this poor little boy such a shame that he will remember this his whole life, I pray that this little fellow and the entire Heckel family will find the strength to get through this tough time. I am sending many thoughts and prayers your direction. I hope this is over soon and you can then finally have some closure and begin to heal.

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