UPDATE: Sentencing In Michael Meeks Criminal Case Continued For Future Hearing

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

A 42-year-old Hutchinson man still has not been sentenced in the criminal cases against him.

Michael Meeks entered no contest pleas in both cases as part of a plea agreement with the state after he was arrested back in January after a brief standoff with police and arrested again in March on multiple charges of stalking and violation of a protection order.

The sentencing was continued last week and rescheduled for Friday, but now there will apparently be an evidentiary hearing over whether he used a gun in one of the cases. The state claims he did, while the defense says he didn’t. There is some contradiction over testimony of the victim in one of the cases. She apparently stated at some point that he had a gun, and another time stated that he didn’t. Officer Jamie Schoenhoff was told by the victim that at one point he had a shotgun, and stated ā€œIā€™m not going to go down alone.ā€ He also stated that this is not going to go well. Officers found the shotgun hidden behind a couch. The defense denies that and so the sentencing is still in limbo.

When the hearing will be held is unknown due the Logsdon Murder trial.

In one case, he entered no contest pleas to criminal restraint instead of kidnapping along with two counts of aggravated assault of law enforcement officers. In the second case, he entered no contest pleas to felony flee and elude and violation of a protection from abuse order. All the charges of stalking were dropped by the state.

Meeks was arrested at gun-point back on March 10 on suspicion of 8-counts of stalking, 8-counts of violation of a protection from abuse order, 7-counts of harassment by phone, criminal trespass, and felony flee and elude. After a brief chase at speeds estimated at 80-miles per hour, Meeks finally stopped after nearly hitting two pedestrians. The stop occurring at 17th & Severance, where police drew their weapons and he surrendered peacefully. Apparently he had called the victim at her home while an officer was there.

In his other case, he was charged with kidnapping, two counts of aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon, criminal threat and battery. According to police, several 911 calls came in reporting a woman being forced into a home. A witness told police that he had picked her up, putting her over his shoulders and took her into the home, when she refused to enter on her own. Meeks was eventually taken into custody, but at one point reportedly had a shotgun pointed at officers which they later found hidden behind a couch.

They also found in a large safe in the basement, with 40-45 weapons inside, including an assault rifle and an alleged grenade launcher.

10 responses to “UPDATE: Sentencing In Michael Meeks Criminal Case Continued For Future Hearing”

  1. Overcharged says:

    Notice how there aren’t any weapons charges in this case? That’s because they were all legally purchased. It’s not illegal to have a gun collection unless legally barred to do so. At the time, Mike was not. There also isn’t any grenade launcher. Sure it looks like one but it’s actually a 40mm flare gun. That’s why you’re not seeing any Federal weapons violations charges. I suspect that the HPD thought they’d just throw that one out there to make Mike seem more scary to the public or maybe they really didn’t know the difference between a 35mm M203 and a 40mm flare gun? I suspect they figured it out however since there are no weapons charges and probably didn’t think they needed to clarify the grenade launcher accusation to the public.

  2. UGH says:

    Sure wish they’d do something with this guy… really creepy having him living on our block. It’s always been an eyesore with X’s painted on the windows, trailers in the yard and overgrown with weeds, but with since this run in with the law it really has me considering a relocation! Flare gun or not, there’s no legitimate reason (legal or not) to have 40+ weapons in ANY house EVER. UGH

  3. 2 cents says:

    Check it out. Maybe you can nail him for an unkempt yard as well. Yawn.

    • Mr Ed says:

      Ugh whats the problem with 40+ guns? Its no differnent then having 4 0+ figurines on a shelf. Or 40+ baseball cards or 40+ tools in the shop.

  4. Overcharged says:

    Mr. Ugh. I see you have an aversion to people owning “too many” guns. Who decides too many? I don’t want that choice made for me. I own guns like some people own art. I just think they are cool. I have some I’ve never even fired. Mike’s gun’s were safely stored in a large bank quality gun safe. They never had anything to do with this case other than the shotgun allegedly found behind a couch. This detail was just leaked to scare people and garner support.

    I sympathize about the lawn and house condition. I was a longtime friend of Mike but grew apart as his mental health declined. He used to take great pride in keeping the house nice and yard kept but something just changed in him and he stopped doing those things. I don’t think he can control it but Mike is not a bad neighbor. He won’t steal from you or vandalize your place. Mike is very generous and just a good man to know once you get to know him. He is not someone that needs locked away or someone to avoid.

  5. David says:

    I agree with “Overcharged”. I went to high school with Mike and have stayed in touch with him over the years. People have always been intimidated by him (he’s 6’6″ and weighs about 240 lbs), but the fact is that he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known.

    He’s generous with his time and money (was volunteer of the year at the Hutch animal shelter in 2009 or 2010), and I think he’s getting a raw deal on this; not because he’s a friend, but because it’s obvious to anyone that the charges have been stacked on this case. It’s a common tactic, where a DA will pile on multiple charges so that he/she will have some to bargain away.

    I also agree that the safe full of guns in the basement is irrelevant to this case, and was only leaked as a scare tactic. Large number of guns or not, they were RESPONSIBLY stored in a safe in his home. Ultimately, the judge needs to decide whether someone is a threat to society or not. Mike is big, and scary looking to some, but he is NOT a danger to society. Even the alleged victim in this case has changed her story to reflect this.

  6. Overcharged says:

    Well said David. Mike is not a danger. If he really were dangerous, the HPD would have at least one less officer and we’d be looking at a murder trial. Mike had time to reflect on his options and ultimately made the right choice. With regards to the states charges of violating a restraining order – that’s bogus too. The “victim” has decided they are no longer a victim and asked the judge multiple times to lift the restraining order. I don’t know by what trickery of law her request wasn’t granted but it doesn’t seem right that people that want to be together can somehow be legally barred from seeing each other. Mike may be in need of some counseling but definitely not locked away! No one was hurt and there isn’t any victim testimony so just put him on community corrections and monitor his mental state and keep it at that.

  7. jeff says:

    please tell me he is in county jail

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