UPDATE: Hutch Man Convicted Of Sodomy Involving Infant Child Gets Life

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

The sentencing for a 25-year-old Hutchinson man charged in a child sex case ended with him getting life as expected. That was the decision handed down by Senior Judge William Buck Lyle Friday for Michael Sherman.

He was charged back in early December after he reported to police that he sexually abused his own infant child. He admitted that he was alone with the child and was watching pornography on his cell phone, then sodomized the child. He reportedly visited two porn websites using a smart phone.

Sherman entered a guilty plea before Judge Tim Chambers to aggravated criminal sodomy

The defense first argued that Jessica’s Law is unconstitutional and the judge found that it was. They then argued for a departure from the Jessica’s Law and ask for a much smaller amount of time in prison. Judge Lyle admitted that this was his first sentencing since Jessica’s Law was implemented but found there were no substantial or compelling reasons to depart. He sentenced Sherman to the life term.

Both families spoke about what he had done. The grandfather of the child all but crawled out of the court gallery and attack the defendant, telling him he’s lucky he can’s get to him. He asked the defendant, “how could you do this to your own child?”

The mother of the child wanted her former husband to get the maximum for what he did, while his family asking for relief from the life sentence saying “God” had forgiven him, so the court should show some mercy.

Sherman declined to speak, however as he was being escorted from the courtroom, he turned to what used to be his family and told them “I’m Sorry.”

14 responses to “UPDATE: Hutch Man Convicted Of Sodomy Involving Infant Child Gets Life”

  1. Hoffman says:

    Perhaps the most disturbing thing I have ever read about.

  2. CU says:

    The only appropriate penalty is death. The boys in the cross bar hotel should take care of it.

  3. Jenealle says:

    This makes me absolutely sick ! How can a grown ass man use an infant for his sexual pleasure? I am beyond nauseated!! Get ALL these pedophiles off the streets !!!

  4. Hutchinson says:

    Who the heck are they to say GOD has forgiven him. I don’t think GOD has anything to do with this, we will one day see if his child is able to forgive him. GOD SCHMOD!!!!!

  5. tena says:

    What used to be his family ???? They are still his sons and Im sure he still loves them. Iunderstand he comitted a crime. I just dont believe he is the monster that could of done this. I pray for you Mike and there is only 1 that can judge you and I believe you are good with him. God bless

  6. Michael says:

    Far from objective reporting here. Most poorly written article I’ve ever read. Just report the facts, Fred. I think we are all capable of reaching our own conclusions about the heinousness of the crime.

  7. Just Wondering says:

    What would you have Fred say, Michael? Would you rather he print the graphic details of body parts, how they touched other body parts, and what came out of the body parts? It sure looked like Fred reported only what others said in an open courtroom without interjecting his personal opinion. I doubt Michael is really upset at Fred. I bet he’s upset that he was betrayed by Michael Sherman.

  8. UGH says:

    Life in prison is what this sick man deserves !!! Finally some justice !!!

  9. Angry says:

    Tena- he turned him self in because he knew he did it, so no reason to not believe he did it. There was justice in this case forsure!!! I am sure that when the other prisoners find out what he has done he will not have it easy….

    • tena says:

      There is more to the story then is being reported,and the reporter said what used to be his family I think this statement is unjust they r still his family he just made a very poor choice. Mike is not a monster. I thin he should of got less time.

  10. UGH says:

    He may be sorry, and I say that only because he did turn himself in and for that I am glad !!! Being sorry does not make up for what he did though, Leave KIDS ALONE….

  11. Dustin says:

    justice served finally, but afraid we gotta foot the bill to keep his sorry ass behind bars

  12. Scott says:

    I hate to burst your bubble people about God forgiving him. There is in the bible that most people forget the victim’s componement. The victim has to be involved in forgiving and forgeting what has happened to him. As€ the victim is an infant it will take some time before God will accept this person’s (and I use that term very loosely) plea of forgiveness. Personally I think he is remorseful, but what he has done warrants the punishment. His family may want leniency but the only one they should care about is for his immortal soul not the physical/secular justice that has been imposed. Lord God will decided what Vengenace will be imposed.

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