Hutch Man’s Criminal Case For Flee And Elude Continued To A Status Hearing Friday

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

A 27-year-old Hutchinson man was supposed to go to trial this week for one of his criminal saw that continued Tuesday, but now it appears the case against Timothy Mendenhall is on hold while he considers a plea agreement.

He’s accused of felony flee and elude, and driving while suspended. The alleged crimes occurring back on February 8, in South Hutchinson.

This is where a South Hutchinson officer chased him into Hutchinson where he exited the Woody Seat Highway at Avenue F, then proceeded down Avenue F, but he eventually crashed into a pole in the 500 block of South Severance. He left the vehicle and was allegedly found under a pile of scrap metal.

No word on what plea offer might be on the table, but the case will come before Judge Trish Rose again on Friday morning, that according to Assistant District Attorney Andrew Davidson.

Mendenhall is charged in another case with 14-felony counts including sexual exploitation of a child, as well as numerous drug charges, but the state is seeking to add four more including more charges involving being in possession of potpourri.

That case is scheduled for a jury trial next month according to Davidson.

Mendenhall has already served time in prison for unlawful sexual relations with a child, and possession of drugs for cases going back to 2003 and 2004.

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