Sentencing In Aggravated Battery Case Results In 15+ Years In Prison

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

A 32-year-old Hutchinson man who entered a plea agreement for a less severe charge of aggravated battery was sentenced to 183-months or roughly 15 and one half years in prison Friday by Judge Trish Rose.

Franklin “Maurice” Williams of 901 East 12th, entered a plea back in May to aggravated battery, stalking and two counts of making a criminal threat, which was part of an amended complaint filed by the state as part of a plea agreement with the defense. He had been charged with attempted murder. Both sides agreed to recommend the sentence.

Williams was found guilty of attacking 29-year-old Dawn Smith in the parking lot of her residence causing numerous wounds to her head. She was injured bad enough that she was taken to a Wichita hospital where she at one point was listed in serious condition because of her wounds. The attack occurring on January 26, of last year in the 100 block of East A.

Both the victim and her mother wanted him in prison for the rest of his life. The victims mother called it an “unprovoked brutal attack,” while the defendant argued that he is not an animal, and said that he was sorry for what he did. He told the judge that he loves Dawn with all his heart and that he made a mistake.

The hearing at times was very emotional on both sides with the mother of the victim saying what happened took a emotional, physical and financial tole on her daughter. She says her daughter told William’s during the attack. “ take everything I own, just don’t hit me again.” But apparently he did anyway. When she awoke in a Wichita hospital, she kept saying over and over, “someone tried to kill me.”

His attorney, Rebbecca Pilshaw argued that he needs mental help and told the judge that he functions at a third grade level and admitted to doctors in Larned that he had beat up a teacher.

But, Deputy District Attorney told the judge that the evaluation showed he is anti-social and says its not societies fault. At one point he and Pilshaw were very angry with each other with her complaining that the prosecutor was demeaning her client. Stanton argued that Pilshaw was making arguments outside the agreement which was made. Pilshaw wanted some mental help for her client and Stanton says “I have no problem with that.” He added that what ever programs are available in prison is fine with him.

Judge Rose agreed that both sides had gotten loud during their argument, but let it slide. He rendered the sentence and added in addition to the sentence handed down, that he also be ordered to have no contact with the victim for life. He will also have to pay all court cost and close to 4-thousand dollars in restitution, at least as it stands right now.

Williams has already served nearly 2-years in the county jail, so the time in prison would be less then the 7+ years and if her were to get any good time credit would also knock it down further.

Williams has prior convictions including attempted murder, aggravated battery and attempted kidnapping out of Sedgwick County.

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  1. Justice for Dawn! says:

    I used to live in the same apartment complex as these two and their son. I’m glad to hear that JUSTICE has been served and hope dawn & her family are doing well.

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