Suspect in Rice County Robbery Jailed In Saline County

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

From the Salina Post

SALINA – A 30-year-old Lyons man is in the Saline County Jail on charges of attempted 1st degree murder in the commission of a felony, and aggravated kidnapping in connection with a chase and exchange of gunfire with a Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper near Gypsum early Tuesday evening.

The Kansas Highway Patrol reports that the trooper tried to stop a vehicle driven by Jason Gleason in the area of K-4 Highway and Ohio Street south of Salina around 6:30 p.m., because it fit the description of the suspect vehicle involved in a bank robbery in Chase in Rice County late Tuesday morning.

The chase ended near the area of Gypsum Valley Road and Assaria Road and Gleason exchange gun fire with the trooper and then fled from the scene on foot.

Gleason was apprehended about 9:15 p.m. in the area of Hobbs Creek Road.

Kyle Smith with the Kansas Bureau Of Investigation says they will not be releasing very much information on the case since the investigation continues.

He did say that a woman who was a passenger in the vehicle driven by Gleason was taken by helicopter for treatment of injuries she sustained, and a child was taken to Salina Regional Health Center for treatment of injuries. Apparently, there were three children in the vehicle.

Smith adds, it’s not yet known whether the woman is a co-suspect in the robbery case or a victim so her name and the name of the children are not being released.

He said it’s possible more information could be released as the investigation continues.

Gleason had been released from prison back on June 22, after serving time for 4 convictions of aggravated robbery and three counts of attempted aggravated robbery for cases in Reno County going back to 2003. He was paroled to Rice County.

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  1. Who cares says:

    It doesn’t take a genius get rid of this p.o.s.

  2. Hoffman says:

    What a sack of dog squeeze. Running around causing mayhem and chaos like this with KIDS in the car. He has no redeeming value being loose in society. Glad the kids are ok and Mr Gleason is lucky he wasn;t toe tagged that evening on Hobbs Creek Rd.

  3. Repeat POS says:

    For those who claim that prison rehabilitates, what do you say now? Just another POS who needs to get his “ticket punched.”

  4. back in the day says:

    this is the brother of a man that is in the hutchinson jail waiting to be sentence for drugs drive by shooting and other chrime’s and they have one more brother in prison right now on death row for a killing in greatbend kansas now what you thing about that

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