Woman Accused Of Slashing Son’s Girlfriend With Brass Knuckles

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

A Kansas City woman is charged with using brass knuckles with a built-in-knife to slash the face of her son’s girlfriend.

On Monday, Jackson County prosecutors filed charges including first-degree assault against 42-year-old Vera Adams. It’s not known if she has an attorney.

The 23-year-old victim is the mother of Adam’s 11-month-old grandson. She brought the child with her when she returned a car she had borrowed from Adams.

After driving the victim home, Adams became frustrated that the victim was taking too long to get out of the car.

Authorities allege Adams pushed and kicked the victim as she held her baby’s car seat. Adams then is accused of knocking the mother and baby down to the ground and slashing the mother.

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