UPDATE: Hutchinson Area Man Jailed In solicitation And Attempted Indecent Liberties Case

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

A 22-year-old Hutchinson area man is jailed on a higher bond of 95-thousand dollars for electronic solicitation and attempted aggravated indecent liberties with a child.

Craig Austin Smith of 6111 North Monroe was apparently in contact with what he thought was a 15-year-old girl, but the 22-year-old man was actually speaking with Hutchinson Police Detective Scott Carlton and Smith apparently showed up at a vacant Hutchinson apartment Friday morning and was placed under arrest.

Carlton says that it started on Facebook, but then went to text messaging. Smith apparently sent some sexually explicit text messages of what he wanted to do. Friday, he apparently indicated he wanted to meet and showed up at the vacant north side apartment where he was placed under arrest.

Smith was also apparently on Community Corrections for a burglary conviction from January of 2010.

Unless he post the increased bond, he should make an appearance in District Court on Tuesday.

4 Responses to “UPDATE: Hutchinson Area Man Jailed In solicitation And Attempted Indecent Liberties Case”

  1. this guy says:

    If he is guilty of these charges, he is a nasty,nasty person.

  2. good job says:

    Thank you HPD! I am so glad that you are getting these scum bags off the streets.Good job guys keep up the good work….

  3. UGH says:

    Hurry up and lock him up !!! Lock the other ones up as well that fiscus character and wendy brown and that other one who was recently arrested. Disgusting

  4. coworker says:

    Like to see an update he was a coworker of mine and every female that was younger suffered the constant advances by him. Amazing his older brother brandonn was arrested for sex with a minor where were the parents?

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