One Of Two People Injured In Crash On Buhler Road Monday Afternoon Has Died

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

One of two people were taken to Hutchinson Regional Medical Center Monday afternoon following a crash between a car and a field cultivator being pulled by a tractor has died. That is the word we have received from Reno County Sheriff Captain Wayne Baughman. He says he received the word from Death Scene Investigator John Tracy who handles death investigations for the county.

Mary Ann Regehr of Buhler was a passenger in the vehicle driven by her husband, 89-year-old Eldo Regehr. He along with his wife were both transported to the hospital, where Mary Ann Regehr has died.

The accident Monday happened just before 4 p.m., when emergency personnel were sent to the 10,000 block of north Buhler Rd., where a 2004 Mercury passenger car, south bound on Buhler Rd., struck the rear of a field cultivator being pulled by a 1973, 4320 John Deere tractor.

The tractor was driven by 64-year-old Gilbert Regier of Inman. Gilbert was treated at the scene and released.

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  1. Released! How is that possible? This guys is driving illegally on a public road, no tags on this tractor, and the tractor isn’t even made to b driven on a public road. These farmers get away with endangering the public like this on a regular basis and don’t even pay road tax on the fuel their burning up while showing a complete disreguard for everyone else on the road who pays every year to make sure their vehicle is taged and properly insured plus pays additional taxes for every gallon of fuel used to drive down public roads. This guy should be in jail and charged with homicide as well as all the driving offenses! Wake up!! And don’t give me this crap about farmers putting food on my table because that has never happened. I pay for every piece of bread, meat and vegetable I have eaten.

    • no name says:

      And just where do you think the grocery stores get the meat, bread and vegetables you eat?? Wow! I’m appalled at your lack of intelligence in your comment. Farmers make a hard living, working long hours for little to no pay. How exactly are they supposed to get from field to field without using the roads?? Go back to the city you came from and leave us farmers to make sure your taken care of.

  2. to old to drive? says:

    Maybe instead of the farmer being blamed and trust me i mean no disrespect to the loss of any ones loved one but really…..still driving a car at 89 years old. There needs to be checks and balance system for elderly drivers.

  3. this guy says:

    “Reno county citizen” sounds like a real winner. Where do you think your food comes from? Some peoples kids………..

  4. Just like any construction company that pays for tags on trailers and has to purchase semi tractors to move their heavy equipment, farm equipment should be no different. These welfare farmers have been payed well for their long hours so what, anybody that runs their own business faces the same obsticales yet no one but the farmers are allowed to travel down public roads with untagged vehicles. The same rules of business applies if one farmer isn’t willing to do the job there are plenty of others that are collecting tax money for not planting that will step up and reap the harvest.

    • your ignorance is showing says:

      You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. That farmer want doing anything wrong. Leave Reno county, and stop making us look so terrible with your dumb ideas.

  5. Watching says:

    reno county citizen,

    Pretty mean things you have to say; do you know Mr. and Mrs. Regehr and Mr. Regier? Mr. Regier was treated and released from medical care by the EMT’s. Why would he need to stay in their care? Obviously his injuries were not serious enough to need additional medical care in a hospital.

    How should the driver of the tractor be charged with “homocide as well as all the driving offenses”? What “driving offenses” did Mr. Regier commit? The elderly gentlemen was given a citation for “following too closely.” As to your ascertation that “this guys” driving illegally; have you checked the Kansas State Statutes? He is legal under state law. If you don’t like the law have your representative get it changed. I suppose you want the Amish charged with “driving illegally” with their horse and buggies too. Where will you stop; should bicycles have tags, liability insurance and pay taxes to drive on a public road? Where you do propose they should pay their “fuel tax” to? What about a rider on a horse? Or a pedestrian? How do you propose a tractor gets from one field to another field without using a “public road”? If a farmer didn’t grow or raise your food you wouldn’t be able to pay for it.

    In case you haven’t noticed Kansas is a rural farm state; we need farmers with tractors to produce and supply our food.

    Yes, I know all the parties involved; they are all salt of the earth!! This was a terrible tragic accident.

  6. Some BS says:

    Reno county citizen,
    You must not be from Kansas or just stupid.

  7. WOW just WOW says:

    “And don’t give me this crap about farmers putting food on my table because that has never happened. I pay for every piece of bread, meat and vegetable I have eaten.”

    ………WOW! I can’t believe this! How can someone spout so many unintelligible sentences in one comment? Reno County Citizen has it EVER occurred to you where the grocery stores get that food? Maybe talk through things like this aloud with someone in your life, maybe they’ll be able to inform you of your idiocy.

  8. 2 cents says:

    Wish there was an Off/switch for all the hostility about.

  9. some people says:

    Reno county citizen

    Farmers don’t need to tag there equipment they pay property tax on there things just like u would on a boat or trailer….

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