Trial for Suspect In Child Abuse Case Continued Again

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

We thought the trial for a 20-year-old Hutchinson man charged with a single count of abuse of a child was going to go before a jury on Wednesday, but that case against Trevor Coleman is again on hold.

Coleman is accused of the abuse while he was babysitting his girlfriends children and allegedly injured a 2-year-old girl. The child suffered a lacerated liver, and two broken wrist.

Judge Tim Chambers after reviewing a video tape of the interview police did with Coleman, he called the two attorney’s to his courtroom and asked what if any of that video needed to be redacted. Apparently, both sides agree there needs to be some cuts to the tape, but neither side would agree on what. Judge Chambers wanting to avoid the jury having to sit around while any redacting is done continued the trial himself and gave both sides until October 10 to come up with a plan.

Coleman claims he was just playing with the child which was one of three in his care. He admits he had the child facing down when he slammed the child on his knee, which they believe caused the injuries to the child’s liver. He says he wasn’t angry, but frustrated at one of the other kids and also the mother of the kids. The state believes the force to child’s stomach was so severe that it pushed the child’s liver back to the spine, causing the laceration.

Coleman is also alleged to have thrown the same child in the air, about 8-feet according to the Hutchinson Police Detective Scott Carlton, but failed to catch the child, who then landed on the carpet. Coleman says he was distracted by one of the other kids. That’s believed to have caused the broken wrist. This occurring back on January 22.

When the trial will be scheduled now is not known, but Judge Chambers is attempting to get all the pre-trial matters settled prior to the case going before a jury.

2 responses to “Trial for Suspect In Child Abuse Case Continued Again”

  1. Codi says:

    i hope he gets what he deserves. makes me sick that my daughter is scared of most men because of this, im so thankful she is okay and pulled though all of this,it also makes me disturbed that he is still trying to contact us and see how we are doing.. i dont care who you are mad at you dont harm an innocent child.

    • ok says:

      I hope you learned a few lessons in this. I was a single mom for eight years and managed to never put my daughter in a position where her safety was threatened.

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