16-Year-Old Suspect In Church Burglaries Enters Guilty Pleas To 38-Counts

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

The 16-year-old arrested in association with church burglaries in the Hutchinson area was before Judge Tim Chambers this afternoon where he entered guilty pleas to all criminal counts against him.

Joshua Hickey will be sentenced on November 16 and will most likely be granted some form of probation because of his lack of criminal history. His attorney attempted to get his bond lowered from the current $75,000.00 because of the presumption of getting probation. But, the state objected stating that if he were to get into more trouble, it could mean prison. Judge Tim Chambers denied the request citing the fact that he has been certified as an adult and also because of the number of charges.

Hickey is now guilty of 15 counts of burglary, 15 counts of criminal damage and 8 counts of theft. Hickey is not only suspected in the burglary of churches, but also burglaries of the Dillon’s at 13th & Main, the Pic-Quik on South Main and Hutchinson High School.

Hickey is one of four people suspected in the church burglaries. The others include 24-year-old Justin Branscom, 19-year-old Jordon Schmucker and Desiree Mahoney.

Branscom was recently ordered to prison in other cases and was arraigned on the burglary charges Monday morning where he entered not guilty pleas.

He’s charged with four counts of burglary, one count of attempted burglary and one count of criminal damage to property. He’s alleged to have been involved in the burglary on July 22 of the Crossroads Christian Church, three burglaries on July 23, including Trinity United Methodist Church, First Congregational Church, and the attempted break in at First Baptist Church.

Then he’s accused of being involved in the break in at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church on July 27. That included damage at that church which included the windows, carpet, decorations, dishes, a computer monitor and drywall.

Schmucker is charged with 5-counts of burglary which includes Grace Episcopal Church on April 25, Eastwood Church of Christ on April 29, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church on June 26 and the 7th Day Adventist Church on July 23. But, he is also charged with a break in of the Pic Quik on South Main on April 24. He’s also charged with one count of criminal damage to a stained glass window at Grace Episcopal Church.

A female also allegedly involved, Desiree Mahoney charged with four counts of burglary was in court Wednesday afternoon where it was thought she might enter pleas in the case, but then backed out saying she wanted more time to think about it. So that may come up again later this month. District Attorney Keith Schroeder says no plea offer was made.

The cases against the other two defendants also remain pending.

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    i believe they should have clean up duties at all the churches untill all work is donr if monet is pd he donates it to a christmas cause i believe they should attent each church they damage this shows them that god is not a building church service will open their hearts and they dont do anything but sleep who knows we might get us a good precher

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