Hutch Woman Fails To Show For Arraignment In Marijuana Cultivation Case

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

One of two people arrested after a disturbance call back in April failed to appear in court Monday for arraignment on the charges against her.

21-year-old Ariel Luna and 25-year-old Moses Ortega were both arrested and charged with cultivation of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to cultivate, possession of steroids, and personal use paraphernalia.

Luna was bound over for trial and failed to appear before Judge Trish Rose for the formal arraignment in the case. This is where a defendant enters a plea to the charges. Her attorney Bonnie Corrado with the Regional Public Defenders Office asked the judge to give her a day to try to get her client in court on Tuesday. That was granted, however if she’s a no show on Tuesday, then a bench warrant could be issued.

The case begins when police were called on the report of a disturbance at 424 East 14th. Officers asked to check the home to make sure there was no one inside that might be hurt. When they did, they discovered items consistent with a growing operation. Although the exact number of plants the couple allegedly had wasn’t released, Deputy District Attorney Tom Stanton told us it appeared that they were young plants, in other words the couple had just started the growing operation.

The case against Ortega is also still pending.

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    So what: Slap ‘em on the hand and let ‘em know they are on your RADAR. Please stop wasting taxpayers’ dollars on harmless POT users.

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