Wichita Man Convicted Of Aggravated Battery Of Haven Woman Sentenced To Over 5-Years

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

Judge Tim Chambers ordered prison time for a 27-year-old Wichita man convicted of aggravated battery and criminal threat.

Mitchell Jack Jones III had been charged with several felonies in association with an incident in Haven involving his ex-wife but was only found guilty of two counts. But, that was enough for Judge Tim Chambers to order him to prison for 59-months for the conviction of aggravated battery and 6-months for the conviction of criminal threat. He denied a downward departure motion stating that he beat the victim in front of her kids. He ordered the sentences consecutive to each other for a controlling sentence of 65-months.

Jones had been found guilty of aggravated battery and criminal threat, but not guilty of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated sexual battery.

The case centers on him entering his ex-wife’s home in Haven back in April of last year and attacking her. He struck her with a closed fist several times and kicked her while she was on the ground. She suffered a broken jaw, a black eye and other minor injuries. She was taken to Via-Cristi St. Francis Regional Medical Center for treatment.

She says he was jealous of her new boyfriend and he claimed she was already beaten when he arrived and that he believes its was that boyfriend who committed the beating.

The victim spoke at the sentencing hearing and told the court that what happened will effect her and her kids for the rest of their lives, but then told the judge that she had forgiven Jones.

Judge Chambers set an appeal bond of a half million dollars and Defense Attorney Sam Kepfield argued to the judge that the bond is to high. But, the judge responded that he had considered not granting an appeal bond at all, so having one for the defendant at 500-thousand dollars is appropriate.

A notice of appeal in the case has already been filed and the Appellate Public Defenders Office has been assigned.

Jones has served time for a drug conviction and an aggravate escape from custody conviction. Both convictions out of Sedgwick County.

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