UPDATE: Local Bonding Agent Arrested For Soliciting Prostitution

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

A well known bonding agent and former newspaper reporter was jailed Friday afternoon on a 1-thousand dollar bond by the Reno County Sheriff’s Office.

Dwight Jurgens, a bonding agent for TNT Bonding has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of promoting prostitution.

The 66-year-old Jurgens has been a bonding agent for several years. He was also a well known newspaper reporter at the Hutchinson News, and also worked as an assignment editor at a Wichita television station. He also has his own website called “Dwights Effort.” But, it appears to not have been updated with any new content since last year.

Rumors at the courthouse have indicated that he may have been trading bonds for sexual favors, however no one in the sheriff’s department would confirm that.

He was arrested at around 3 p.m., by sheriff detectives and Sheriff Randy Henderson in a brief news release stated that Jurgens was arrested with no other details on the two charges. Sheriff Captain Steve Lutz told us that he couldn’t comment because of the on-going investigation.

The investigation has been going on for quite some time.

19 Responses to “UPDATE: Local Bonding Agent Arrested For Soliciting Prostitution”

  1. 2 cents says:

    This stinks; it sounds like a set-up to me. First amendment rights are easily trumped if you offend a local, post 9-11 brownshirt.

  2. Jeff says:

    This man is a predator. I realize that the women that he has been victimizing are not the perfect victims. Alot of them knew what the deal was, but it doesn’t make it right for a person of power to use that power to get sex.

  3. Stop Him... says:

    It is about time they catch him. I’m sorry, but you do not take advantage of people like that. This is only the beginning. I personally know someone that he did this to and when she spoke up about it, she was looked at like she was a piece of crap and they didn’t want to believe her. I encourage everyone that this man has ever done this to please speak up and be heard. Let him get what he deserves… This is what happens when you think you are above the law.

  4. Unknown says:

    All of what you are saying is just hear say. Did you ever think people just got pissed off because he wouldn’t bond them out and made up rumors? Dwight has been a personal friend of mine for a very long time. And I do not and will not believe that he would ever do something like this.

  5. Deron says:

    You shouldn’t put yourself in that situation and there wouldn’t be a probmem. Get over yourselves.

  6. Rumor Mill says:

    “Rumors at the courthouse…” HA! People are threatened with civil lawsuits over “Rumors at the courthouse” If you’re going to report on those specific rumors at the Reno County Courthouse, then report on them ALL. Don’t single out one individual just because he was arrested.

  7. A Friend says:

    I’ve seen this time and time again. I know Dwight personally, and what he is about to go through, I wouldn’t wish on anyone. This town is stupid about these things. He is going to be drug through the mud because someone got mad at him and folks can be convicted on rumors in this town. I’m sorry Dwight. Best of luck to you

  8. Proof says:

    If there had not been legitimate evidence the arrest would have hopefully never occurred. If people were arrested on hearsay alone. If so, Anyone who had somebody that disliked them would be sitting in jail…

  9. @ proof says:

    I got arrested for a probation violation on my 18th birthday. I was not nor had been on probation. Ever. I sat with no bond for four days all to get a stupid apology from the judge, AND got put on probation for a crime I could no longer commit as an adult (curfew). SO, do you still wasn’t to discuss them putting people in jail just because they want to? It happens more than you know.

  10. leland miller says:

    I’m sure he’s not guilty. Just his turn to get set up? Ok people. He will plead to something less. Lol.

  11. leland miller says:


  12. Equalityforall says:

    Since when are Rumors a credible source of information for publication?

  13. Jon C says:

    Has no one noticed that this whole town thrives on rumor and hearsay? Next its going to be sasquatch in the kitchen with col. mustard.

  14. this guy says:

    OK jon c, I’m sure its just a rumor. People get arrested all the time for no reason. Keep denying the truth little buddy.

  15. simeau says:

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not, it’s unethical to publish rumors pertaining to the character of another person. Let the justice system work; you are creating prejudice. This is basic stuff.

  16. Shawn says:

    I wonder how he feels now having his photo and news stories about him? What goes around comes around Mr. Journalist! LOL

  17. Friend says:

    I’ve known this man for most of my life and seriously he would never do something like this. He got arrested because some angry slit couldn’t pay her bond back so she went and cried. This town is full of rumors and lies and anyone who believes them are just feeding in to it. This is pathetic. If people would mind their own business every now and then maybe this man and his family wouldn’t be going through all this crap. Y’all are childish for believing rumors with no proof. Childish indeed.

  18. Truth to the "Rumors" says:

    Like “Stop Him”…I too saw some of the texts this guy left on a young girl’s phone…stuff like “if you don’t have the money to pay, it’s time for sex” Then he would follow that up with “just kidding”. Then the next text or two would repeat the same style of message, so no, they are not just rumors. Anyone who believes the HPD arrests people based on “rumors” aren’t being honest with themselves. There is much truth to this story.

  19. Rumors says:

    Don’t you people understand that this man has a family? Whether true or not accusations like these should not be put online. There is no proof of any of what you are saying. Most of it is just hear say. Don’t you think the family is having a hard enough time with this without all of you running your mouth and thinking you know all about it?

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