Siemens Energy to Layoff 146 Employees in Hutchinson

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

Siemens is announcing that it will layoff 615 employees in their wind turbine business. That will include removing all temp workers at the wind turbine plant in Hutchinson and elimination of 146 employees, leaving 152 full time staff according to a news release.

The plant, which has been open for 18 months, is facing an uncertain future after questions arose over the elimination of the wind production tax credits which lured Siemens to the U-S in the first place. The layoffs will cut the Hutchinson workforce by nearly half leaving 152 still on the job.

The layoffs also include the wind turbine blade plant in Ft. Madison Iowa and other facilities in Florida. It did not say how many of those were at the Nacelle plant. Siemens released the following statement.

“These decisions are never easy and Siemens understands the impact this has on employees and the Hutchinson community. Unfortunately, this business decision was necessary to respond to market conditions that are beyond our control and affecting the entire U.S. wind power industry.

We have worked very hard over the past 10 months to address the uncertainties, but this has unfortunate consequences on employment in this segment of the power industry. We must now adjust our wind power operations to reflect the current and projected business volume.

The realignment will affect approximately 615 employees overall in Iowa, Kansas and Florida. We remain committed to maintaining our U.S. factories and will continue to support the U.S. industry as well as export wind turbine components to markets across the Americas.”

3 Responses to “Siemens Energy to Layoff 146 Employees in Hutchinson”

  1. Unsafe says:

    Siemens is one of the most unsafe companies I have ever work for in all my years. All they care about is getting product off the line and disreguard safety. People get hurt daily and the managers don’t care! Thanks for nothing Siemens!

  2. Zero says:

    I worked as a temp agent for 4 months at this place. We were lied to from the start. We were told after 3 months we would be hired on and given a raise yet it never happened. Siemens employees later told me that they knew all along all of the temps were to be fired after a year. The GE companies that are making wind turbines are not even having to make layoffs because they setup their business from the start to not rely on the energy bill vote. They also sell their products much cheaper in order to keep selling thousands of units. Hutch worked so hard to bring this company to town just to see it collapse in two years and lie to so many people. How sad…….

  3. Really? says:

    Seriously??? I know many people who work/worked for siemens, my husband and father-n-law to be a couple. This job opportunity has been great for him and he, thankfully, was one of the ones not laid off…my father-n-law was not so lucky…I think it’s ridiculous that people are blaming the plant in hutch specifically for all of the lay offs when if you’d open your eyes and ears you would see that they are not the only ones having to lay employees off. Next…you were hired as a temp…soooo wouldn’t that mean, just what it says meaning not a permanent worker? This is all sad and my heart goes out to EVERYONE who has lost their jobs (temps included) but even if you were later hired on, from the sounds of it, you still would have been laid off. I apologize you have lost your job, but I hope that things pick up for them so the company does not totally go down.

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