Senator Jerry Moran Responds To The Siemens Announcement

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

WASHINGTON – Republican Senator Jerry Moran released the following statement Tuesday in response to Siemens Corp.’s announcement that it will restructure its wind power division:

“Numerous hard-working Kansans and their families will be affected by this decision, and by no fault of their own, find themselves uncertain about their future today. Siemens Corp. picked Kansas because our workers are second-to-none. I am confident the Hutchinson community will come together to support those affected and I am committed to working with them to make certain Hutchinson’s skilled manufacturing workforce has the assistance they need to bounce back.”

“The downturn in U.S. wind installation using Siemens Wind Power components is in large-part a result of the uncertainty coming from Washington. Kansas leads the nation in wind-production capacity currently under construction, but the wind-energy industry has stopped making long-term investments in their businesses because of Washington’s unwillingness to craft a comprehensive domestic energy policy. Today’s announcement foreshadows what will happen across Kansas if we do not take serious steps toward becoming energy independent; jobs will be lost, local economies will suffer millions of dollars in losses, every Kansan will ultimately be affected because our ability to access our natural resources contributes to the cost of electricity and transportation fuels.”

Moran has been in favor of the renewing the Production Tax Credit for the wind energy business, while Kansas 1st District Congressman Tim Huelskamp was against any tax credits for both wind and oil.

We have not heard from Huelskamp’s Office thus far.

2 responses to “Senator Jerry Moran Responds To The Siemens Announcement”

  1. Sean says:

    If wind energy is only viable wirh government subsidies, is it truly viable? I’m in favor if energy independence but dependence on subsidized energy of any variety is just a shift of dependency. Get the government out of the energy business and let the free market work.

  2. Joe Blow says:

    Another prime example of the failed green energy plan…………..if wind energy was so good private companies would be investing in this industry. The government has to prop up the industry with tax credits. The government is broke! This is the same problem with ethanol. It costs too much to produce ethanol for what it gives back. It also raises the price of corn and that makes all of our food prices increase! The government needs to stay out of these industries !!!!!!

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