Topeka Man Jailed In Reno County On Fraud Charges

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

A 56-year-old Topeka man is jailed here in Reno on 5-counts of fraud and five counts of theft for crimes allegedly occurring back in 2007.

The case against Billy Compton, Jr., is being prosecuted by the Kansas Securities Commission for alleged misleading the victim in an investment contract connected to the purchase and resale of used laptop computers, resulting in an alleged loss in each case of 25-thousand dollars. The alleged crimes occurring during a period of August through December of 2007.

He’s also charged with 5-counts of theft, some of motor vehicles, in the first instance resulting in a loss of 10-thousand, 407-dollars, the second a loss of around a thousand, the third, around 36-hundred dollars, the fourth resulting in a loss of around 3-thousand dollars, and the final count alleges the theft of 412-dollars. These crimes allegedly occurring over the same period of time as the fraud counts.

Compton has not made an appearance on the charges thus far. That is expected to occur on Tuesday of next week.

Bond in the case set at 40-thousand dollars.

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