Hutchinson Man Sentenced To Prison For Over 8-Years in Felony Theft and Robbery Cases

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

A 47-year-old Hutchinson man sentenced to 90-months in prison for several felony theft cases was sentenced in two other cases which included charges of felony theft, attempted robbery and misdemeanor battery. The state wanted the maximum against Victor Williams, while the defense wanted the sentence to run concurrent to the sentences imposed by Judge Joe McCarville last week. Alice Osburn believes adding any more time to the sentence would amount to “manifest injustice.”

Judge Tim Chambers didn’t go as far as the state wanted but did add another 12-months to the 90-months already ordered.

Williams was arrested in July of last year after he attempted to steal from Sears. He was apparently confronted by a store employee and is accused of battering that employee, punching her in the face. She suffered a minor injury to her cheek.

Williams had been advised of criminal trespass at the store in the past, meaning that the charge would no longer be just theft, it rises to aggravated robbery, because of the store employee being battered, but also because other shoppers were in the store.

The other 9-cases against Williams are for thefts with one occurring in 2010 and the rest last year.

Judge Chambers told him Friday that he is adding to the additional time because of the battery of the store employee. Setting that aside he will serve around 8 and a half years in prison for basically shoplifting.

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