Hutch Man Decides Against Making Plea In Aggravated Battery LEO Case

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

A 36-year-old Hutchinson man charged with aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer and drugs charges was expected to enter a plea in the case this morning, but changed his mind.

Troy Harris is charged with a level three offense with a sentencing range of 55-to-247 months depending on his past criminal history. Other charges include possession of marijuana and possession of methamphetamine. He was expected to enter a plea as charged and the state would recommend less time in prison at sentencing, but now with the case headed to trial, he could be looking at over double what the state planned to recommend.

The case will now go to trial on October 9 in front of Judge Trish Rose.

Harris was arrested after a traffic stop by Hutchinson Police at 6th & Keast back on November 28, 2011 and they discovered he had an outstanding warrant. As they attempted to take him into custody, he struggled with officers and is alleged to have choked and bit Hutchinson Police Detective Pat Voth. He managed to get away from officer’s a number of times, but was captured each time. He was also alleged to have drugs in the vehicle leading to the drug charges.

Harris is no stranger to the law having served time for drugs in 2005, and indecent liberties with a child for a case going back to 1992.

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