Former HCC Basketball Player Granted Corrections In Robbery And Agg Burglary Case

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

A former HCC basketball player convicted for his involvement in the burglary of the dorm room of head HCC Basketball Coach Steve Eck was sentenced late Friday to 32-month in prison, then granted 36-months community corrections.

The sentence handed down to Quantel Denson by Judge Joe McCarville who told the defendant he was granting the corrections because of his lack of criminal history, and also because of his age. He was 19 at the time of the crimes. Denson entered guilty pleas back in July to robbery and aggravated burglary. The state dropped the aggravated part of the robbery as well as the rest of the charges.

Judge McCarville stated that he can serve the corrections in Missouri where he now lives, provided the corrections office here approves.

It’s Denson who’s suspected to giving co-defendant Daniel Flamma-Sherman his pass to get into the dorms at the college, but it was Flamma-Sherman who was seen in the early morning of April 12, 2011, breaking into the coaches room as he slept.

Flamma-Sherman also entered a plea to the same charges, still awaits sentencing. Part of the agreement with him is that he would testify in the case against Denson. The state wanted to make sure he did so before he’s sentenced. But, with Denson’s plea, the sentencing hearing for Flamma-Sherman can now be scheduled. No word on when that will be.

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    If we are going to play benevolent custodians for one young man: why not both?

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