Hutch man charged with attempted murder enters a plea to reduced charge

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

A Hutchinson man who was scheduled to go to trial Tuesday for attempted first degree murder and stalking as expected entered a plea in the case. .

Franklin Williams of 901 East 12th, entered a plea to aggravated battery, stalking and two counts of making a criminal threat, which was part of an amended complaint filed by the state as part of a plea agreement with the defense

Williams in now guilty for attacking 29-year-old Dawn Smith in the parking lot of her residence back in January of last year, causing numerous wounds to her head. She was injured bad enough that she taken to a Wichita hospital where she at one point was listed in serious condition because of her wounds.

The attack occurring on January 26, of last year in the 100 block of East A, with police arriving quickly, and Williams being suspected of the crimes shortly after.

Williams is being sent to Larned at the request of his attorney Rebecca Pilshaw. You may recall us telling you that he had a mental evaluation to determine if he was competent to stand trial, and it was determined that he was. But Pilshaw now wanted him sent to Larned to make sure that any medications he needs will be set up for him once he enters the prison system. Judge Trish Rose agreed and the pre-sentence investigation will done at Larned.

Sentencing is expected next month and he could be looking at a sentencing range of 38-172 months in prison for the aggravated battery conviction, and an additional 5-7 months for each of the other three counts.

Williams has prior convictions including attempted murder, aggravated battery and attempted kidnapping out of Sedgwick County and that will certainly effect his sentence.

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  1. Bandgeek says:

    Great. He’s sent to Larned. More taxpayer money wasted on this waste of human flesh.

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