Man suspected in auto burglaries of police vehicles now charged with aggravated battery

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

Senior Assistant District Attorney Steve Maxwell has filed new charges against a Hutchinson man accused of being involved with numerous auto burglaries involving law enforcement, public officials and other last summer.

But, Maxwell alleges in a complaint that 21-year-old Victor Smith left a 25-year-old Hutchinson woman after she fell of his motorcycle back on April 7. The woman reported to police that she fell off of a motorcycle after he lost control in the 700 block of North Airport Road. Nicole Butler was apparently injured as a result.

Maxwell alleges in the complaint that Smith who was driving her on the motorcycle, and has charged him with aggravated battery, failing to stop for an accident, and no proof of liability insurance.

He was arrested on a warrant Monday evening, and is free on a 10-thousand dollar bond.

Smith is awaiting trial in the auto burglaries case which occurred over the 4 th of July weekend last year. In a separate case he’s also charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to package, personal use drug paraphernalia and no tax stamp.

Because Smith has made bond in this latest arrest, he’ll make a first appearance at a later time.

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  1. Seriously?! says:

    Really?, I think Maxwell needs to get a life. First of all Mr Smith did have insurance, 2nd Mr. Smith would have never left anyone injured alone and by themselves if he wasn’t injured himself. Mr Smith was found a couple blocks away laying in a ditch stunned and not sure what had happened with injuries himself. Mr Smith was kind enough to give someone a ride home who was stranded and intoxicated. Mr Smith was unaware that this was her first ride on a motorcycle. She did not know how to handle herself on the back of a bike and ended up pulling Mr Smith off the bike.
    As far as the burglaries go, Mr Smith was not involved i any of the cases he is charged with. He was not a conspirator as Mr Maxwell wants everyone to think. Mr Smith’s crime in both of these is plain and simple, he was trying to be a friend and nice guy. Maxwell lets someone that was involved with all the burglaries, the driver and lied on the stand under oath get away with community corrections. Then he lets 2 others go without being charged at all when numerous people have said they were involved. Maxwell needs to stop letting his personal feelings against Mr Smith get in the way of the truth. Maxwell leave the innocent alone and go after the real criminals.

  2. Just letm all go! says:

    Ya he’s a great guy!? But you did fail to mention the pending drug charges (possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to package, personal use drug paraphernalia and no tax stamp) Beause you know all drug dealers are good people and never do anything wrong, the insurance is a joke he takes in proof and they drop it, another ustanding individual thats just been done wronge by the justice system. What ever send him to Jail!! were he belongs. not selling drugs to your kids.

  3. Veronica says:

    Haha okay “just let them all go” do you personally know victor? Probably not. If you know the real story behind his drug case then you wouldn’t be saying he was a drug dealer. Everything they found was for personal use. The police department is mad because victor didn’t have what they were looking for and has been on him ever since trying to find something to get him in trouble. Was anyone there when they got in the accident?! NO. That easily could of been me on the back of that bike that night. Accidents happen. Do the DA’s tell you how my sister a LPN, went over to Nicole’s house for two weeks straight to help her with her wounds, and to make sure she was going to heal okay? Or how victor was over there almost everyday to be with her? NO because they want victor to look like the worse person out there. Did the police tell you how they threaten victor and said if you don’t tell us what we want to know then we will harass you till we find out? NO. Exactly so before people open up their mouths and try to say something then they should know the facts and the REAL story behind it. Don’t get me wrong victor has made some mistakes and he is willing to take the punishment that they give him. BUT that does not mean he is a horrible person. People in this town is so quick to judge and it disgust me.

  4. Seriously?! says:

    I agree Veronica, people need to know the real truth before they open their mouths. We have all made our mistakes, and we have all dealt with the consequenses. of our actions. And what a coincedence that the policemen that arrested him, and were not in uniform on the scene were the same ones from the first case that threatened to harrass him if he didn’t tell them what they wanted to know. Victor is NO snitch. never has been and isn’t going to start now. He is a caring man with a big heart. I trust him with my life, far more than any lawyer or law enforcement official in Reno County..It is sad when you cant trust the people that are suppose to protect and serve. Once again, the police need to find the facts and not go off of hear say when trying to make a case.

  5. Get real says:

    Someone doesn’t get charged repeatedly when out on bail because law inforcement is “harassing” them. Victor Smith has a pretty interesting record by now. Smith’s house was raided with a child present, wait! Your telling me this criminal is a father? Father or not, Smith has no right to be in the presence of a child. Poor Mr. Smith got caught with drugs, stolen property and now battery- yet another felony charge. But it’s all a coincidence you say? Lock him up so the community is safe and we can quit hearing his name all over the news. It’s unbelievable someone like this is still able to walk free while awaiting numerous trials, occurring a year prior. It’s not a coincidence that Smith is the “victim” of all these charges. Get real!

  6. must be apart of Trotman fan club says:

    Get real… funny thing is you say he shouldnt be in the presents of a child but when Mr. Smith was locked up last year the first thing that came out of his little girls mothers mouth was “when can i bring your daughter up to see you” in that was at vistitation. Due to the restriction of Reno County Jail his daugher was not able to see him because she wasnt 16 years old. The very mintue Mr. Smith was released the mother of his child and the chid was standing at the bottom of the police station to greet him with the rest of his family. So to me it sounds like even the mother of the child felt safe to allow the child around the Mr. Smith. People do change in Im sure Mr. Smith has. In without you knowing the whole story you sure are quick to judge one what happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  7. Get real says:

    O.K. Victor Smith- It is not my business what the mother of this child does. If the mother of this baby would let the child be ALONE with you, a criminal, I would be shocked. What mother would do that? No father should have rights after what you have done. But I suppose that is up to you and your significant other, now isn’t it. Having several children myself, I feel strongly about this. If you choose to BE a parent, start acting like one the day your kids are born! As far as innocent until proven guilty; a person can only be “innocent” so many times. It is fairly clear to the general public AND Reno County, who is guilty. You have done a very good job of making that more than clear!

  8. Veronica says:

    Get real? Exactly it is up to the mother to decide what she should do. So that means your opinion doesn’t matter, now does it? Doesn’t matter what he did or didn’t do? That does NOT make him a bad parent. Even through all this victor still payed his child support and wanted to be there every second of his daughters life. I must be a bad parent because victor watches my daughter at work. I have no issue with it. He is very responsible and wouldn’t put her in danger like he would t put his daughter in danger. I trust victor with my daughter more than I do her own father. Victor also cares for his two nephews while my sister works. So for you to judge and say he should not be around children then you must not know victor personally. You just hear your stories and assume you know it all. When you assume things you make an ass out of yourself. Just like you did. And why are your hiding behind the computer screen. If you are a firm believer on this why don’t you state your name? Instead of hiding? I swear people these days are just ridiculous and need to mind their own business instead of sticking their nose in everyones business.

  9. Veronica says:

    While I am at work*

  10. Justin says:

    I don’t know much about this Smith situation but have heard about the 3 cases pending against him. I found it interesting reading the comments on here. I am a father myself, of three great kids. So I do know there is more to being a father than child support and that a father who truly loves and cares for his kids will stay out of trouble and attempt to be a good role model. I don’t know many people that would disagree with me on that. If I had been in the trouble that Smith has, my wife would snap my children away from me extremely quick. Prayers for Smith’s wife an child/children. To Veronica– your telling us that you would allow your kid’s father to parent them after looking at 15-20 felonies and having a home raided when your child was present? Wow. It appears you are a delusional close friend/family member. Step into reality, you just made yourself look idiotic on the internet.

  11. Joe Schmo says:

    Why can’t people just express their opinions without being attacked and labeled delusional, idiotic or any other of the various, typical insults dished out daily to the many anonymous strangers of this community?

    Defending a friend or family member is such a natural thing to do. Rarely is one’s judgment of a significant-other impaired. Practical, first-hand knowledge and experience should rightfully trump all the opinions of insensitive, uncivilized and ever-present assailants.

    Lighten-up people: express your opinions and share your thoughts, but is it really necessary to BULLY your neighbors when compassion, understanding or silence is the appropriate response?

    Feel free to explore the difference between Opinion and Bullying.

  12. Veronica says:

    Well actual Justin I am not delusional. Just because you mess up I life or do things wrong does not define you are a person. BTK he screwed up very badly but then was a preacher? Did something posiive till he gor caught. Victor does try to do more than child support but is unable to due to his situation. Mistakes happen and if people are only going to remember them for the bad and not the good then you have problems.

  13. Justin says:

    If someone changes they aren’t at the bars constantly and don’t continue to have the reputation Smith has. I hear he does/sells cocaine now. People talk in this town. You say he has changed when a week or so ago he hurt a woman so badly and left her for dead? Delusional is an understatement. No need for me to argue that anymore. The truth has been shown and will continue to be shown. Smith maked sure of that.

  14. Joe Schmo says:

    Never mind. The world is exactly the way you all want it to be. Carry on.

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